Podcast 181

Is Russia about to Invade Ukraine? Even though President Obama and all those writers made all those strong statements and wrote all those articles saying the loss of nearly 300 lives onboard MH-17 was Russia’s fault, and that it would hurt Russia? Is it possible empty words do not deter aggressors? As President Obama readies his executive orders for the border illegal immigration crisis, talk of impeachment continues to percolate. While impeachment may be the only legal remedy for an executive gone wild, would the nation support it? How would that work with a Senate controlled by democrat – and wait! Who would be Vice President? Joe Biden? Oops! Meanwhile cascading crises may solve the Obama problem long before the House gets around to impeachment. How many problems can the US handle? When will people stop watching baseball, and the Tour and start paying attention to world affairs? Sponsored by Baklund R & D.

Podcast 173

One last look, and listen, of July 4th, 2014. If you live in the Upper Midwest, the North East, the Rockies, anywhere in the United States that had a tough winter, you might agree summer seems to have quite a hold on most Americans this year. July 4th is the peak of summer in the United States, especially in the Upper Midwest. We just can’t seem to get enough of it. So, The Bob Davis Podcasts takes one last look. Well, one last listen. In the process, it suddenly seems this might be the last fourth of July before real change sets in; the kind of change you can’t predict and may not want. Concepts that seemed so new and fresh six or seven years ago, don’t seem so new and fresh these days. In the midst of fireworks at the lake, over heard summer conversation, the fire, and a grand finale, I offer one hastily drawn list of what is fading and what is outmoded. After all, its summer. We don’t want to work too hard! Sponsored by Baklund R&D

Podcast 169

I remember. This summer is so amazing for me, it’s triggering all kinds of memories from different parts of my childhood. So, I decided to share some of my memories from back in the day, from staring up at the clouds, to playing on the train platforms, to sneaking out and running around the neighborhood in the middle of the night. Summer in all its glory. Plus some outtakes, after several attempts to share these very personal memories on a very windy summer day. Great for the trip to the lake for the July 4th weekend, or late night. Sponsored by Edelweiss Design

Podcast 166

Podcast consciousness! Walking a tightrope between podcasts that are too political and not political enough. How are podcasts different from broadcast talk radio? What are the advantages and disadvantages for Podcasters and Broadcasters? Feedback from friends and listeners on why they like the ‘update’ style podcasts, plans for future podcasts, why the world isn’t cooperating on ‘happy talk’ and what Bob Davis does when the day-to-day news starts wearing a little thin. So in this update, transhumanism, the folly of ‘Gluten Free’, Lactose Intolerance, technology free summer camps for adults, the UN getting involved in water bill disputes in Detroit, the idiot who robbed a house in South Saint Paul and logged on to his FaceBook account, and left it up when he left the house he’d just robbed,  and one little major story update. Sponsored by X Government Cars


The Situation In Iraq. As things in Iraq deteriorate former Vice President Dick Cheney throws a zinger at President Obama. Are we now back in a bi-polar ‘Bush Was Wrong-It’s Not Obama’s Fault’ discussion? What should people who advocated for the war in Iraq (including lawmakers who voted to authorize it) say? President Obama as been in office almost 6 years, and has had time to arrange things in Iraq to his liking. How’s that working out? What is Obama responsible for? Is it his policy that leads to chaos enveloping the whole region? What impact did 9-11 have on talk radio and the way we talk about these issues? A late night walk-and-talk brings up some thoughts about all these subjects. And a critique of the remake of the 1967 Classic ‘Bonnie and Clyde’. Sponsored by Baklund R & D

Podcast 142

Which side will win in 2014? Conservatives still don’t know what to do to help their candidates get elected. A listener email provokes a podcast about how to get involved, what specifically to do and why its important. People still think social media and clever websites will win elections. Do conservatives know the difference between social media tools and real political action? Or, do people actually think protests, websites, meme’s and hanging pictures around your neck to tweet make a difference? Hint; No! Doing the unglamorous, necessary work of day to day politics, wins the race in the end. Protests, websites and social media are tools. “Boots on the ground” and money win elections. What have you done today to ensure that your guy wins on November 4th 2014? Sponsored by Baklund R&D

Podcast 140

Top stories update. Get connected on breaking news as the week begins. Almost 5 billion dollars given to states to research and create health care exchanges, and already half a billion has been wasted on wash out health exchanges in Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland. Also on the problem list? Hawaii and Minnesota. Brings new meaning to the phrase ‘throwing money down a rat hole”. What has 100 billion dollars in debts and a failing business model? Why the US Post Office, that’s what. The poster children for why central – or federal – government funded programs are a mistake. Amtrak, the US Post Office and of course Obama Care. Meanwhile, more companies are fleeing the high tax, heavily regulated environments in California … and the United States … and England benefits. Who won the revolution? As the Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi incident and its coverup by the White House is empaneled, the left wing media suddenly starts talking about the potential impeachment of President Obama. Is it a good idea politically? And, if Pope Francis doesn’t like Harvard’s Black Mass, why is he listening to the Devil on economic policy? Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul.

Podcast 119

Kick off the weekend with an update on stories we’re watching at The Bob Davis Podcasts. For one thing, a spring snow storm has dumped at least a foot of snow on the Twin Cities, which will completely screw up the commute for Friday, April 4th. With the worst winter in 100 years, Global Warming scientists are threatening to ‘go on strike’ and ‘march in the streets’. Really? The Met Council here in the Twin Cities has decided to screw the rich people in Kenwood, and around Cedar Lake, much to the chagrin of Minneapolis’ new Mayor, Betzy Hodges. What’s funny is, all these people supported LRT as long as it was destroying someone else’s neighborhood. Plus, find out who’s behind legalizing marijuana (hint; NOT the Koch brothers), beware the ‘Ring Of Fire’, NOW you understand why we should have let GM go bankrupt the old fashioned way, not with a government bail out, Iran’s new Ambassador to the UN is a … wait for it … terrorist, and more. Sponsored by In Home Care Advisors.

Podcast 118

Come with me on my weekly trip through COSTCO, where I think about what I am thinking about. Meeting a lot of people lately who complain about what they watch and listen to, but don’t do anything about it. Most of us are carrying the most powerful information gathering device in history; The Smart Phone. Why don’t we use it? What happens if people continue to fill their heads with information ‘junk food’? In your hand, is a font of information on history, politics, law, diplomacy, economics, philosophy … virtually any subject you might be interested in. How does anyone expect to reform the republic while ignorant of its building blocks? So grab your COSTCO membership card, and get ready to grab some lemons, kale and steak! Sponsored by PlanVision. Learn how you can save up to 80 percent of the fees being charged for your 401K your company’s HR department might not know about. Start the PlanVision Revolution!