Podcast 119

Kick off the weekend with an update on stories we’re watching at The Bob Davis Podcasts. For one thing, a spring snow storm has dumped at least a foot of snow on the Twin Cities, which will completely screw up the commute for Friday, April 4th. With the worst winter in 100 years, Global Warming scientists are threatening to ‘go on strike’ and ‘march in the streets’. Really? The Met Council here in the Twin Cities has decided to screw the rich people in Kenwood, and around Cedar Lake, much to the chagrin of Minneapolis’ new Mayor, Betzy Hodges. What’s funny is, all these people supported LRT as long as it was destroying someone else’s neighborhood. Plus, find out who’s behind legalizing marijuana (hint; NOT the Koch brothers), beware the ‘Ring Of Fire’, NOW you understand why we should have let GM go bankrupt the old fashioned way, not with a government bail out, Iran’s new Ambassador to the UN is a … wait for it … terrorist, and more. Sponsored by In Home Care Advisors.

Podcast 118

Come with me on my weekly trip through COSTCO, where I think about what I am thinking about. Meeting a lot of people lately who complain about what they watch and listen to, but don’t do anything about it. Most of us are carrying the most powerful information gathering device in history; The Smart Phone. Why don’t we use it? What happens if people continue to fill their heads with information ‘junk food’? In your hand, is a font of information on history, politics, law, diplomacy, economics, philosophy … virtually any subject you might be interested in. How does anyone expect to reform the republic while ignorant of its building blocks? So grab your COSTCO membership card, and get ready to grab some lemons, kale and steak! Sponsored by PlanVision. Learn how you can save up to 80 percent of the fees being charged for your 401K your company’s HR department might not know about. Start the PlanVision Revolution!

Podcast 109

The future of podcasts. Podcasting is growing by leaps and bounds. How do original podcasters handle the arrival of new podcasts from local radio personalities? How is podcasting different from over-the-air broadcasting? Why is podcasting a breath of fresh air, the future of spoken word, and The New Talk? A rare ‘stream of consciousness’ podcast for Bob Davis, hitting on technology, podcasting, BitCoin, why we may not need much government at all someday, why we have to change how we talk about politics to each other, and much more. Some people think I should do more of these. We’ll see. Sponsored by Baklund R&D

Podcast 101

People seem to like it when we talk about radio on The Bob Davis Podcasts. In Podcast 101, we’re joined by my friend and Emerson College instructor Jack Casey. Emerson is one of the most respected schools for media arts in the country, and Jack runs the Broadcast Radio program there, and oversees the student run radio station WERS-FM. We talk about the business, tell some stories, talk about radio today, what Jack tells his students and more. Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul.

Podcast 55

This is the first podcast from the broadcast bunker; my new studio. Lots of ideas we’re just now getting to, and its over a year old. Live from the Broadcast Bunker. The first podcast in a long time. When I started back on the radio, I thought I would get it all out on the air. Now I have learned there is a lot that doesn’t get on the air. A Lot. What’s right, what’s left in American politics today? What’s coming!