Kicked Out-‘Pan O Prog’ Parade-Teaching Podcasting-Bob Davis Podcast 740

Summer in Minnesota means small town parades. For Mobile Podcast Command this summer also means getting kicked out of a parade. Find out how and why in Kicked Out-‘Pan O Prog’ Parade-Teaching Podcasting-Bob Davis Podcast 740. A Minnesota Classic The Bob Davis Podcasts has been part of a classic Minnesota small town parade for years. This […] Read more

Gratitude-Moving Up-2018-2019-Year End-Bob Davis Podcast 792

First of all Happy New Year to subscribers and listeners. It has become a tradition to do a podcast thanking everyone on New Year’s Eve. This is it! Check it out Gratitude-Moving Up-2018-2019-Year End-Bob Davis Podcast 792. These days running a creative business isn’t easy. Creative Content businesses are the most difficult. When I tell people […] Read more

Almost-Perfect-Road-Trip-Bob Davis Podcast 882

Travel Is A Romance I love to travel. I cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. All on back roads. This time it all came together. Learn why in Almost-Perfect-Road-Trip-Bob Davis Podcast 882. Podcasting All The Way Even more I’ve been podcasting the whole way. If you’re interested in where I’ve […] Read more