Below Zero Antidote-summer sounds Headphone Immersion-Podcast 693

Below Zero real temperatures are blanketing the North. While it is frigid, what if you could transport yourself back in time to summer? We do just that in Below Zero Antidote-Summer Sounds Headphone Immersion-Podcast 693. Where and When is your summer? Where and what is summer to you? A trip along the coast of northern California? […] Read more

Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983

Difficult Winter Calls For Summer Sounds Winter Relief Firstly we are having a difficult winter and a Summer Sounds Winter Relief is the perfect antidote. Therefore headphones on for Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983. No Talk Secondly and perhaps most importantly I don’t talk much in this podcast. Power Of Sound Above all one of the […] Read more

Peak-Summer-Triggers-Transformation-Bob Davis Podcast 847

Peak Summer We’re living through a pretty intense time these days. Moreover I noticed something I call ‘peak summer‘ recently. It’s a pristine moment when time seems to stop and you can’t get enough. Learn more in Peak-Summer-Triggers-Transformation-Bob Davis Podcast 847. A Time To Transcend The BS In addition I think summer has a transformational […] Read more