Backroads-Iowa-Real-Farmers-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 843

Time For Real Talk I think it’s time to talk to real farmers. I want to know about the issues effecting their lives and businesses these days. Time for a trip to rural Iowa in Backroads-Iowa-Real-Farmers-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 843. People Media Doesn’t Have Time For Moreover farmers know big city media doesn’t have time for […] Read more

Road-Trip-Back-Roads-Only-Bob Davis Podcast 839

Whenever I feel like I am in a rut these days, a road trip is always the best medicine. Even more a road trip on the back roads. I’ll tell you all about it in Road-Trip-Back-Roads-Only-Bob Davis Podcast 839. Mobile Podcast Command has been up and down both coasts. I’ve traveled in this old ambulance […] Read more

Backroad-Weather-Adventure-North Carolina-Bob Davis Podcast 880

Back To Minnesota I am on the road heading back to Minnesota. These days the name of the game when it comes to back roads is avoiding the weather. It’s most noteworthy that I avoided the snow and ice. I did not avoid the rain. Learn more in Backroad-Weather-Adventure-North Carolina-Bob Davis Podcast 880. My Radar […] Read more