Moonlight-WalkandTalk-EpsteinFreeZone-Bob Davis Podcast 854

Brand New Full Moon I don’t think there’s anything like a brand new full moon on an August night. These days you take those small wonderful moments where you find them. We’ll talk about the moon and the night. Anything but ‘the News’ in Moonlight-WalkandTalk-EpsteinFreeZone-Bob Davis Podcast 854. Artistic Business I’ve been busy with details […] Read more

So-Over-Political-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 956

So Over Political Talk Firstly I am so over political talk. Learn more in So-Over-Political-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 956. It’s Wallpaper What used to be refreshing and unique in media has finally become wallpaper. Life In A Graphic Novel Secondly a recent ‘presidential debate’ makes our political and real life feel like we’re in a graphic […] Read more

Fading-Midwestern-Summer-Walk-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 945

Summer Is Short Up Here First of all summer in the upper Midwest is short. We all know that, right? Join me on a midnight walk and talk as the heat hangs in the balance in Fading-Midwestern-Summer-Walk-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 945. Walk and Talk Time More importantly these occasional walk and talk podcasts are necessary. Making […] Read more