Election2020-Barnstorming-Iowa-Challenges-Bob Davis-Podcast 895

Taking Travel To A New Level I love to travel. Even more I think there’s nothing better than going to the story. Learn more in Election2020-Barnstorming-Iowa-Challenges-Bob Davis-Podcast 895. Back Roads In The Dead Of A Midwest Winter First of all when I go, I go back roads only. Second, I take the podcast studio on […] Read more

Election2020-Andrew-Yang-Fairfield-Iowa-Bob Davis Podcast 894

On The Road In Iowa I am live on the road covering the democrats in Iowa. With the much talked about Iowa Caucuses less than ten days away, the campaigning is in its final stages here. Most noteworthy is an appearance from a Fairfield favorite Marianne Williamson in Election2020-Andrew-Yang-Fairfield-Iowa-Bob Davis Podcast 894. Fresh Approach To […] Read more

Real-Talk-2020-Election-Issues-Bob Davis Podcast 871

Political Chatter These days there’s a lot of political chatter. We’ll talk about it in Real-Talk-2020-Election-Issues-Bob Davis Podcast 871. Who the candidates are. Who’s going to be nominated. Which ones will win. It seems to change every week. Not Much Real Talk About Issues In contrast there hasn’t been a lot of talk about the […] Read more