Podcast 117

Podcast 117 gets you started on the last day of March 2014, and ready for the first week of April. A shout out to the Constitution Party of Minnesota, and why I won’t be podcasting my speech there this weekend. There’s a big controversy between the North Metro Tea Party and candidate for the Republican […] Read more

Podcast 83

Cold enough for ya? Wind Chill is not the real temperature, people! It’s cold, but it’s not the end of the world. Join Bob Davis for a little snow shoveling, a walk outside in the winter wonderland, coffee, and a fireside chat on what is being touted as ‘The Coldest Night Of 2013’. After a […] Read more

Podcast 71

In an effort to get more podcasts out, I am trying something new. Walking and talking with no editing. Bob Davis Uncut! On Podcast 71 I take a break from politics and talk about radio, podcasting, Thebobdavispodcasts.com, writing and why I have two gloves for the left hand. Podcasting is growing by leaps and bounds […] Read more