Podcast 210

On The Road. A listener email sparks a discussion about the true nature of technology. “Tech” is nothing more than a tool. Tools can be used for good, or bad. Problems are never completely solved, but they are managed. The constant ‘dystopian’ predictions about the effects of tech on unemployment, and the impending obsolescence of […] Read more


Firstly I started podcasting in 2009. Secondly, after many years in broadcast I fully embraced podcasting exclusively in 2013. What follows is a journey and process of growth over more than a decade. These days I travel, write and podcast. ‘Home’ is my 2000 Ford E450 diesel ambulance. My growth out of broadcast and politics […] Read more

Podcast 9

One of my favorite podcasts. The Dillinger gang regularly hit the highway, driving from Chicago to Saint Paul, in one night. I wondered. Is that true? Could it be done? So I set out with a map to head off to Chicago from Western Wisconsin, using the old national highway system (pre expressways), and I […] Read more