The Chieftain 2021 Episode One

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The Chieftain 2021 Episode One
Duration: 41:48 Year: 2015
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In some places today, families raise their children to be warriors, and build their villages as fortresses. In the modern world we think of this as an ancient, even backward social structure. Yet, the modern world is but a few mistakes away from the ancient. Sometimes an otherwise virtuous people can demand a strong leader to solve seemingly intractable problems. It is said the tyrant rises within the law, to destroy the law. How do you recognize tyranny when people demand it, to end the chaos? Family, clan, and tribe, ruled by a Chieftain, in a crucible where only the strong survive, and prevail. Do you have what it takes to follow The Chieftain? Do you have what it takes to be The Chieftain. Chapter One; The Family.