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Trumpers-Think-Political-Polls-Lie-Bob Davis Podcast 862

Republicans Hate Polls…Unless They Show Trump In The Lead

There’s so much bias these days on every media platform there’s no trust. A conversation with a republican friend lead to this podcast about whether polls lie. Find out more by listening to Trumpers-Think-Political-Polls-Lie-Bob Davis Podcast 862.

Who Did The Poll?

First of all when it comes to polling, the first question a republican will ask is, “Who did the poll”. Especially if it reflects poorly on the president. In addition their second favorite response is, “No One Called Me”. Gah!

What Poll Will You Accept?

In contrast I wonder, “What poll would you accept?“.

Polling Explained. Again.

It’s time again to explain polling and the potential for a republican win or loss in 2020.

No bias or predictions. Just the lay of the land.

Accept and Consider Information Challenging Your Position

Above all political true believers reject any poll that doesn’t show their guy winning. Even more, political analysis requires accepting and considering information that challenges you.

Approval Ratings 101

In Trumpers-Think-Political-Polls-Lie-Bob Davis Podcast 862 front and center are approval ratings and their ability to predict winners.

Past Elections

Moreover I’ll look at how you can use polls to make solid judgements. I’ll also talk about the history of past elections as a tool.

Polls Don’t Lie … The Media Lies

Not only do I reject the assertion the polls “lie”. When averaged they can be quite predictive.

Unfortunately the wholesale ignorance of polling in our media is especially relevant. For Example, while the polls in 2016 showed a close race for president, they never predicted a Clinton win.

Trump Struggles In The Battleground States

Finally at issue are tracking polls showing the president’s approval rating in battleground states plummeting. With manufacturing reportedly in recession in Wisconsin and Michigan, republican bosses are concerned. They should be. Trump has to win the battleground states to win a second term.

A Republican Siding With The UAW?

Perhaps it is for that reason that the president is rumored to want to intervene in a current GM strike, in favor of the UAW.

History And No Judgements

Therefore this podcast is valuable because it looks at chances for both a landslide as well as a tough race, without judgements and predictions. There’s a lot of information here about past presidential races, the history of polling and approval ratings. It might come in handy.

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Trumpers-Think-Political-Polls-Lie-Bob Davis Podcast 862

Authentic-Self-Ego-Driven-World-Bob Davis Podcast 861

Inspired By A Random Conversation

I wasn’t going to do this podcast. Then I had a most noteworthy random conversation and it convinced me I was on the right track. Learn more when you listen to Authentic-Self-Ego-Driven-World-Bob Davis Podcast 861.

No Bitching and Moaning

Moreover I certainly did not want to do another podcast bitching and moaning about social media. Or a long story about how talk radio listeners respond to content, compared to how podcast subscribers and listeners react.

Conversation Triggers A Podcast

I was networking recently with a friend and business associate. We ended up at his law office having a great conversation about music, life and of course we ended up talking about the national political conversation these days.

Social Media

Of course social media came up and this was when I was convinced to do this podcast.

Yoga Takes You From One Place To Another

First of all my daily yoga practice is never far from my conscious thoughts. Lately I have been considering how that practice has changed me over the years. How yoga has brought me to a much stronger awareness of my inner self, or authentic self, versus the ego. That’s what I wanted to do a podcast on at some point.

Tacking To Our Authentic Self

It’s especially relevant that this recent conversation triggered that line of thought and this podcast. How tacking toward your authentic self changes your perceptions of the world and especially politics.

Mission Of This Podcast Has Changed Over The Years

It’s for that reason that the mission of The Bob Davis Podcast has changed from opinions about issues and events, with a concentration on politics, to a conversation about outcomes and their effects on individuals and society.

What The Ego Wants

Finally the fact is the ego wants gratification, material success, power and recognition. Not all of that is bad necessarily. But, the authentic self doesn’t need any of those things.

In conclusion yogis will ‘get it’. I wonder whether political people will.

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Authentic-Self-Ego-Driven-World-Bob Davis Podcast 861


Hurricane-Hysteria-Creating-American-Dreamworld-Bob Davis Podcast 860

Real Damage In The Bahamas. A Dreamworld In The US

First of all this podcast is about media coverage. Hurricane Dorian did major damage in the Bahamas. After nearly two weeks of fear from media Dorian had little effect in the US. Learn more in Hurricane-Hysteria-Creating-American-Dreamworld-Bob Davis Podcast 860.

Speculation and Predictions

These days the mission of my podcast is to avoid predicting the future.

Outcomes Matter

Furthermore outcomes matter. Hurricane Dorian exposed how our media lies.

Shoddy Reporting

Moreover hurricane coverage exposed how they cover every story. Shoddy reporting. Predictions by so called experts. Breathless gossip. Dramatic scenes. No facts. Little perspective or context.

Stating The Obvious

In addition, seems like I’m stating the obvious. In Hurricane-Hysteria-Creating-American-Dreamworld-Bob Davis Podcast 860 I’ll tell you why it’s this way.

Public Nuisance

It’s especially relevant to say news coverage has become a public nuisance. Just ask those who evacuated only to learn it was a waste of their time and public resources.

Sharpie President

Moreover why is the President being attacked for his predictions of the storm’s path? Didn’t the media do exactly that for more than a week? Sharpie’s indeed.


Seems like major media companies can’t afford real reporters. Also, no one trusts them. No one will talk to them. Certainly this is why they have nothing real to report.

US Achilles Heel

Finally I wonder what happens when there’s a real crisis. Consequently we must admit our advanced communications capability might turn out to be our Achilles Heel. Welcome to the American Dreamworld in this Walk and Talk Podcast.

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Hurricane-Hysteria-Creating-American-Dreamworld-Bob Davis Podcast 860

Being-Present-In-Impatient-World-Bob Davis Podcast 859

14 Seconds

Latest news says most people have a fourteen second attention span these days. If it doesn’t happen within that time frame people freak out. How to be present in this environment in Being-Present-In-Impatient-World-Bob Davis Podcast 859.

Multi Tasking

Moreover the incidences of people running red lights and the use of devices in cars while driving is an epidemic. There’s a ton of multitasking Then there’s traffic.

Checked Out While Driving

It’s especially relevant that some of the most checked out people appear to be driving.

Point System For Freeway Driving

First of all I share my special point system for driving. I’ll share what I’ve learned about our collective state of mind, from just trying to drive around traffic obstacles on the freeway.


Consequently the idea of being present when we do whatever it is we do apparently has to be reintroduced.

No Self Help Books

In contrast to most social media posts and memes I do not glean self help books for bromides. This isn’t about religion. My suggestions about how to stay present are not the result of five years on top of a mountain in Tibet.

Least Zen Person Until Now

In fact if you know me you know I am the least zen person on the planet. In addition I suffered from not being present for years. Learn more in Being-Present-In-Impatient-World-Bob Davis Podcast 859.


Certainly I will start with business which has taught me a lot about patience. I see a lot of people every day who seem over scheduled and over worked. I often wonder what they accomplish. One of the reasons I started a business was to avoid that kind of life.

Unique Business Challenges

Even more I am surprised at my early judgements about my business. What it was about. How it would make money. After 6 years I feel like I finally understand what I am doing in business for myself including the unique challenges of podcasting as a business.

Fully Engaged

Above all without Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar, motivational coaching and a pile of books on being an entrepreneur I have finally arrived at a space where I am fully engaged. Find out how in this podcast.

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Being-Present-In-Impatient-World-Bob Davis Podcast 859



Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858

Radio Fun This Weekend

These days planning for a local radio show takes a different approach. Talk radio hasn’t changed since the 1990’s while the political discourse has been poisoned. Learn more in Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858.

Working Out What To Talk About

I always have fun on the radio. Moreover rather then tell the local radio station what I’ll be talking about I find it’s better to just talk out some of the concepts in a podcast. Once the podcast is posted the local station can link in their social media.

Back In The Talk Radio Ghetto

It’s especially relevant that at the same time I am filling in for a political talk show I am distancing myself from so called ‘nuts and bolts politics’ in the podcasts.

Hyper Partisans Don’t Get It

Furthermore most subscribers and listeners in the podcast world ‘get it’. In contrast the hyper partisan political talk world probably won’t. So that is what I talk about in Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858.

Welcome To The Social Media Sewer

Above all social media has become a sewer. To be sure if you’re on social media to connect with Aunt Suzie in Ohio or to share pictures of your soccer team’s victory last weekend more power to you.

Certainly when it comes to politics the word sewer is apt in relation to social media’s contribution.

Wait! Let’s Not Forget The Electorate!

Seems like there’s more though. I single out the so called electorate in this podcast too. Especially on the ‘conservative’ side of the fence if they’re not complaining about the biased media and people getting free stuff from the government, they’re in the line at the bank to cash their social security and farm subsidy checks.

Finally don’t worry. The media monolith is certainly worthy of attack as well. Watching TV and reporting on twitter feeds is not journalism. Predicting the future is not commentary.

See You On The Radio

In conclusion this is a good start to some of the topics I’ll be discussing this weekend here.

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Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858