Backroads-Adventure-Minnesota-Iowa-Bob Davis Podcast 877

Stoked For The Road I am as stoked as a kid can get at the beginning of a trip. These days you hear so much about ‘The Midwest’. Seems like none of the New York and Washington reporters ever go there. That’s the mission in Backroads-Adventure-Minnesota-Iowa-Bob Davis Podcast 877. First Rule Of Roadtripping? Already posted […] Read more

Backroads-Iowa-Real-Farmers-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 843

Time For Real Talk I think it’s time to talk to real farmers. I want to know about the issues effecting their lives and businesses these days. Time for a trip to rural Iowa in Backroads-Iowa-Real-Farmers-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 843. People Media Doesn’t Have Time For Moreover farmers know big city media doesn’t have time for […] Read more

Election2020-Iowa-City-Bernie-Sanders-Bob Davis Podcast 901

Series End With Bernie Sanders First of all, this most noteworthy podcast series draws to a close with Bernie Sanders. Go inside one of this signature events in Election2020-Iowa-City-Bernie-Sanders-Bob Davis Podcast 901. Running To Get Candidates On Record Certainly it has not been easy to get all the remaining presidential hopefuls on the record in […] Read more