Cage Match 2020-Chaos America-Bob Davis Podcast 801

When people say happy new year these days they mean welcoming in 2019. When the media says happy new year, they mean 2020. Find out why in Cage Match 2020-Chaos America-Bob Davis Podcast 801. Political Cage Match Starts Now Especially relevant here is the end of the government shut down without an agreement on immigration. Trump’s […] Read more

Kafkaesque-Route 66-Bob Davis Podcast 793

What if you’d gone to sleep in 1980 and woke up in 2019? I think Jessie Pinkman’s Breaking Bad “Kafkaesque” line would describe these days pretty well. Learn more in Kafkaesque-Route 66-Bob Davis Podcast 793. Time Off I planned to take some time off around the new year. One day stretched into 3, then 5. I […] Read more

American Idiocracy-Incivility-Mobs-Bob Davis Podcast 770

These days political violence, mobs and otherwise boorish behavior are all the rage when it comes to politics. I’ll talk about it in American Idiocracy-Incivility-Mobs-Bob Davis Podcast 770. Safe Spaces And Don’t Let The Other Guy Talk Our politics is more about not letting the other guy talk than it is about discussing issues and solutions. […] Read more