2020-Like-2016-Only-Worse-Bob Davis Podcast 950

2020 Election Polls So Far Firstly I’ve done at least four podcasts focused on the 2020 election polls. In addition I have been at odds with the media because I’ve said from the beginning this election is nowhere near decided. Now it’s even closer. Details in 2020-Like-2016-Only-Worse-Bob Davis Podcast 950. Media Clinging To Made Up […] Read more

Landslide-Mania-Updating-Polls-Bob Davis Podcast 936

Mania For Biden Landslide Above all as you know political polls don’t have a set schedule for release. With all the mania for a Biden Landslide lately plus the release of new polls it is time again to update my most recent podcast on polls in battleground states. We do it in Landslide-Mania-Updating-Polls-Bob Davis Podcast […] Read more

Trumpers-Think-Political-Polls-Lie-Bob Davis Podcast 862

Republicans Hate Polls…Unless They Show Trump In The Lead There’s so much bias these days on every media platform there’s no trust. A conversation with a republican friend lead to this podcast about whether polls lie. Find out more by listening to Trumpers-Think-Political-Polls-Lie-Bob Davis Podcast 862. Who Did The Poll? First of all when it […] Read more