Travel-With-Higher-Prices-Bob Davis Podcast 1048

Travel With Higher Prices Back on the road for travel with higher prices. Time to talk about the basic causes of high inflation and what’s ahead for nomads. Revisiting some topics from earlier podcasts. Listen to Travel-With-Higher-Prices-Bob Davis Podcast 1048. Euphoria Back On The Road Firstly even a short trip back on the road delivers […] Read more

Nomad-Travel-Delta-Madness-The Bob Davis Podcast 1011

Nomad Travel During Delta Madness Firstly Delta Madness rules back home but on the Nomad Travel beat it’s different. I’ll tell you how in Nomad-Travel-Delta-Madness-The Bob Davis Podcast 1011. Not Political Secondly this isn’t some political podcast about reading between the lines. No Judgements Even more no judgements on opinions. About Energy Above all nomads […] Read more

Beating-Travel-Blues-In-Arkansas-Bob Davis Podcast 993

Beating The Travel Blues In Arkansas Firstly you would be forgiven for wondering why I would even need to beat the travel blues in Arkansas. Above all other places. But the travel blues can bite you in the ass without warning. Learn more in Beating-Travel-Blues-In-Arkansas-Bob Davis Podcast 993. Goal Oriented Secondly we live in a […] Read more