Celebrating-Two-Years-Nomad-Travel-Bob Davis Podcast 1077

Celebrating Two Years A Nomad Firstly very happy to be celebrating two years of nomad travel. Of course year two is very different from year one. Learn more in Celebrating-Two-Years-Nomad-Travel-Bob Davis Podcast 1077. Review and Travelogue Secondly reviewing the year takes the form of a travelogue. Thanks and Appreciation And there are many people to […] Read more

Summer-Travel-Solitaire-2022-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 1071

Summer Travel Solitaire 2022 Review Firstly doing a summer travel solitaire 2022 review means defining what low and slow travel is. Details in Summer-Travel-Solitaire-2022-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 1071. Taking My Time Secondly taking my time has allowed me to opportunity to meet people and experience the American Southwest more completely. Not A Beginner And I am […] Read more

Travel-With-Higher-Prices-Bob Davis Podcast 1048

Travel With Higher Prices Back on the road for travel with higher prices. Time to talk about the basic causes of high inflation and what’s ahead for nomads. Revisiting some topics from earlier podcasts. Listen to Travel-With-Higher-Prices-Bob Davis Podcast 1048. Euphoria Back On The Road Firstly even a short trip back on the road delivers […] Read more