Celebrating-1100-Podcasts-Bob Davis Podcast 1100

Celebrating 1100 Podcasts Most importantly it’s hard to believe I’m celebrating 1100 podcasts. Time to reach for the highest ground in Celebrating-1100-Podcasts-Bob Davis Podcast 1100. Campfire Every Night And it’s even more fun to do this podcast in front of a campfire very late at night. There’s Something About Eleven Hundred On the other hand […] Read more

Changing-Nomad-Travel-Plans-Again-Bob Davis Podcast 1099

Changing Nomad Travel Plans Again Firstly you might want to save changing nomad travel plans again to listen in the dark night of winter. You’ll hear why in Changing-Nomad-Travel-Plans-Again-Bob Davis Podcast 1099. Live From The Lake Shore Secondly from the shore of one of those famous fishing lakes in Western Wisconsin comes the sounds of […] Read more

Spring-Summer-Travel-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 1086

Spring Summer Travel Plans 2023 Firstly it’s time to take a look at Spring and Summer Travel Plans. Time for a higher vibe in Spring-Summer-Travel-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 1086. Planning Secondly I’ll talk a little about planning in particular in this podcast. Southwestern Arizona Certainly winter down in Southwestern Arizona isn’t like winter up north. Wind […] Read more