Booming US economy-Reality Check-Bob Davis Podcast 811

These days Trump cultists love to talk about the booming economy. Time for a reality check. Learn more in Booming US Economy-Reality Check-Bob Davis Podcast 811. Under 3 Percent Especially relevant are Gross Domestic Product numbers from the 4th quarter of 2018. The average for the whole year is predicted to be under three percent. […] Read more

Trump State Of The Union-America’s Back-FBI-Russia-economy Booming-Podcast 697

First of all, the state of the union message used to be a letter. These days you’d think it is the Grammys, Golden Globes or the Oscars. In addition it’s a national event. We’re ‘supposed’ to watch. In Trump State Of The Union-America’s Back-FBI-Russia-Economy Booming-Podcast 697. America Is Back Trump’s says the Economy Is Booming and […] Read more

Sharecropper-Nation-Bob Davis Podcast-1116

Sharecropper Nation Altogether I think it’s a sharecropper nation these days. Details in Sharecropper-Nation-Bob Davis Podcast-1116. Oklahoma Certainly my drive through the Oklahoma Panhandle made a big impression on me last month. Social Media But a recent social media exchange accentuated my experience. To rephrase I am impatient with argumentative comments on social media on […] Read more