Podcast 23

Nothing is more boring to me than a football game, except maybe a football game in which the Minnesota Vikings are playing, But, people in Minneapolis and Saint Paul love their Vikes … unless they are Green Bay fans. While these lug heads watch a Vikings game at Williams Pub recently, Bob sits in the back […] Read more

Podcast 12

Utopia Vs. Freedom: Will the policies of President Obama and the Democrat Congressional Majority lead America to ruin? Is our economy on a sugar high, to be followed by a sugar crash? Can you accept the imperfections that come with freedom? Also, a new marketing idea for the Bob Davis Podcasts, and a big thank […] Read more

Podcast 6

Another one of my favorite podcasts. Bastille Day in Uptown, Minneapolis. People letting their freak flags fly, with some comments from some of the most iconic residents of Uptown. Some are still there, some have moved on … This is Portlandia, before Portlandia. Oh God, it’s Bastille Day in Uptown. The results of a very social […] Read more