Podcast 261

Giving Thanks? Is it Thanksgiving or Halloween? Because sometimes it’s hard to tell. In keeping with the snark of the times, some of the things that are the most irritating about the nearly four day “Thanksgiving” “Holiday”. First, the Pilgrims don’t have much to do with it. You can thank that dictator Lincoln for the ‘holiday’, and that dictator Franklin Roosevelt for moving “Thanksgiving” so we could celebrate an orgy of consumption. For God’s sake, don’t blame the Pilgrims. What about the down market behavior? If you watch TV 24/7 you wouldn’t be worrying about beheadings or the plummeting price of commodities, you’d be worried about downmarket behavior that would make Judge Judy happy. Fighting over wide screen TV’s, Barbies, panties and stealing stuff from other people’s carts so you can get the deal. Staying with relatives? The relentless blare of the TV and endless commercials for ED medication, back pain mitigators, cures for baldness, vitamin drinks, charities, car dealers, is slightly more informative than local TV news, featuring 40 minutes of round robin coverage from — you guessed it — the local Wal Mart! Our solemn attitude of gratitude gives way to buying, you know, stuff. Thanksgiving also signals the quickening; The vaunted ‘Holiday Season’ where reality rarely meets expectations and expectations are very, very high. In Podcast 261, a list of ways to mitigate the disaster, especially if you’re a man. (Editors Note: I’m thinking about a cruise next year, that starts the week before Thanksgiving and ends about January 1oth. You know you’re in trouble when you start envying the people on ‘Survivor’.) Sponsored by Depotstar.



You are so spot on about having the TV on!! Many of my relatives keep a TV on all the time in the background — holiday or otherwise. I believe it is a scourge on the earth that people do this. I found out years ago that a constant TV din in a house (especially a messy house) can make me become agitated and bored shitless.
Your family banter/sniping (one of the gals sounded like a real battle axe) while cooking seems typical. Maybe that is why some like to dine with friends more these days for Thanksgiving. Friends typically are friends because they tend not to get too comfortable around you (like family do) and then start bitching at you or acting rude.



Bob, I have to say that podcast 260 was one of the most entertaining of your podcasts I have ever listened to. I swear I am going to record my family at Christmas. Your family could have been any of the millions of families across the country. It was both funny and very heartwarming all at the same time. Afterall, family is family and we love them no matter what.
I have listened to you for years and missed on the radio at first but this format is just plain suited for you. I truly admire you and the work you do.


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