Podcast 61

In Podcast 61, I share something personal in my life; Yoga. When you say the word ‘Yoga’, or tell people you practice Yoga, you get some strange reactions. Especially from people who consider themselves to be ‘conservative’. I talked to some of the most experienced Yoga teachers in the Twin Cities, to find out what they think. Is Yoga a religion? Is it a Martial Art? Is there a political component to Yoga? I’ve been practicing now, on and off, since 2001, and I still don’t want to save the whales. And, I am pleased to welcome a new sponsor for the Bob Davis Podcasts! Podcast 61 is sponsored by by Tara Baklund, author of ‘You-niversal Self-care’, available on line at www.youniversalselfcare.com. I sat down with Tara and her husband Jon to talk about sponsorship, and we ended up talking about Yoga. Tara contributed to this podcast as a teacher, as well.


Jon Baklund

Brilliantly done podcast Bob, I appreciate everyones ideas and interpretations of yoga and their obvious love for it. I am a martial artist, I can attest to validity of yoga, I have used yoga for 25 years, yoga has helped me in to many ways to list. I use yoga differently than most, I have my own system that matches my martial practice. Religion in yoga…? After studying 20+ Martial Arts and the religions or spiritual traditions that come with them and the spiritual traditions that come with yoga I can say that to the practitioner the practice can become religious in a bad dogmatic way if someone in the system wants everyone to do it the same way. A practitioner must keep learning and growing in knowledge and experience while at the same time decreasing on a daily basis the things that keep them from their goals. Martial Arts, Yoga & a spiritual awareness go hand in hand.

Mike Williams

When I tried P90X, they had a yoga portion and I tried yoga on my own a couple of times. I found a lot of physical validity to it, in that it strengthened my core, worked on my flexibility & provided what I would say was an isometric workout for all of my muscle groups. I would have liked to add it to my fitness regimen, but I’m not able to set aside the time I can do it.

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