Podcast 64

In the wake of the recent controversy surrounding the Liberty Minnesota ‘Truth In Media’ event on September 13th, 2013, Bob interviews newsmaker Ben Swann of the Truth in Media Project (www.benswann.com). We talk about free speech, the current left/right political paradigm, Libertarians and Republican politics in the State Of Minnesota. Sponsored by www.xgovernmentcars.com.

Podcast 63

Watching neighbors bring their kids to a soccer game provoked a question: Where is the dynamic recovery we need to generate jobs and opportunity? These days it seems like all the opportunity is either in Washington D.C. or Wall Street. Could the meanness and partisanship in today’s politics be the result of concern about the economy? Concern that’s turning to fear? What’s wrong? How do we fix it? Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating.

Podcast 62

Use of the word technology is common these days, but the convergence of technology in all kinds of places is changing the world we have grown up in, completely. If we feel the upheaval, so does business, and government. The effects of the third industrial revolution are decentralization, diffusion and independence. Why then do our government, big corporations and social institutions hang on so tightly to central control. Is it a death grip? Sponsored by www.xgovernmentcars.com.