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2023 Gratitude Report

Certainly New Year’s Eve is the perfect moment for the 2023 Gratitude Report from The Bob Davis Podcasts. Of course I do this every year thanking listeners, subscribers, contributors and clients.

Travel Experience

Furthermore 2023 has featured a lot of travel and experiences.

Two New Year’s Podcasts

So this New Year’s there are two podcasts.

Click here for a review of travel and experiences.

And if you contributed personally to supporting this podcast in 2023 listen to this podcast.

How To Contribute

Equally important is the ability to contribute to the podcast here.

Educate and Report

Above all my mission is to educate and report on nomad travel.

Back Roads

By moving around the country as much as I do it’s additionally important to point out all my travel is on America’s Back Roads.

Seeing The Unique

Therefore I get to see a side of this country people in urban areas don’t see.


With this in mind I also think the nomad ‘movement’ may be laying the groundwork for greater numbers of digital nomads…

and mobile workers of all types.

So long as we have the technology and tools to help with that effort.

Thanking 2023 Supporters

On this occasion the mission is to thank those who have supported this effort in 2023.Firstly I have been podcasting since 2009.

Back To The Early Days

So many of my supporters date back to the early days.

I also am pleased to welcome many supporters who have been listening in a like manner since I hit the road full time back in 2020.

Notwithstanding the fact that travels in Mobile Podcast Command date back to late 2014.


Finally since nomad life became my life I’ve made some friends…

Therefore I thank them as well in this podcast.

In conclusion I have always said people on the road and other nomads take one as they are out here.

That is to say it is different experience from making friends back in the world.

Lifetime Friendships

With the result being the friendships here are friendships I have the impression will last a lifetime.


On balance that is something to be truly grateful for.


As part of an experience which has been pretty rewarding on the whole.

Year Three Is History

All things considered as I close year three full time…

…2024 Starts Now

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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2023-Gratitude-Report-Bob Davis Podcast 1126