Change-Gonna-Come-Bob Davis Podcast 920

Change Gonna Come

First of all we all want this to be over. Real Talk? Not likely to be over anytime soon. Changes are coming and only the strong will survive. Learn why I say this in Change-Gonna-Come-Bob Davis Podcast 920.

A National Trauma

What’s especially relevant is we’re experiencing a collective national trauma.

Moreover being in a traumatic state of mind does not lead to good decisions.

What Helps…What Doesn’t

Arguing over things we can’t prove. Acting out of emotion. Believing in personalities. Grasping at straws. None of these actions in our present state of mind will result in good things happening.

How To Address Trauma and Change

Certainly in this podcast I describe the signs of trauma. In addition I will share action steps we can all take to reduce the impact of the three types of trauma many of us exposed to, at the very least.

1930’s America

While dealing with trauma is important I also want to share some stories of pain and difficulty in my life. Furthermore a look back at the US before the 1930’s.

Great Depression Hardships

It’s probably fair to say that as a country we haven’t experienced anything close to the hardships of the great depression in the so called modern age. Until now.

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that we are about to have that experience.

Consequently it helps me to watch newly remastered film and audio from back in the day to see what life looked like in color. Even more taking a second look at life challenges also helps. We’ll do that too in Change-Gonna-Come-Bob Davis Podcast 920.

This kind of crisis is tough on all of us.

Normal Takes On A New Meaning

Also I have the distinct impression when it’s over, normal will take on a whole new meaning.

Iowa Barnstorming and Texas Beaches Seem Like Another Time Now

Finally it’s hard to believe less than 16 weeks ago I was barnstorming Iowa and heading to Texas on the back roads. That seems like years ago now.

Change Is Going To Come, and like my mom always said, Only The Strong Survive.

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Change-Gonna-Come-Bob Davis Podcast 920