Discover-Your-Nomad-Purpose-Bob Davis Podcast 1012

Discover Your Nomad Purpose

Firstly in Discover-Your-Nomad-Purpose-Bob Davis Podcast 1012 I discuss the burgeoning nomad ‘industry’.

Caution Judgements Ahead

Secondly there are some judgements about the Nomad ‘trend’.

Process of Discovery

Most importantly I’m very excited about the process of discovery that being a nomad actually is.

Manuals Rules Best Practices

However we’re seeing the beginnings of best practices, manuals, and even rules.

The Why

These days all the business and life coaches tell us we have to have a ‘why’.

Amazing Story For Social Media

Seems like everyone feels they have to have an amazing story.

Finally there’s the image of nomad travel we often see on social media.

And the real thing.

The Shoulds

Even more we’re often told by others what we should do.


To clarify nomad travel is an experience.

Discovering New Experiences

That is to say we are discovering new experiences every day.

There’s No Manual

Above all I don’t think there is a manual for this.

Please No Manuals

I’m not even sure there should be.

Support From Those Who Love Us

In the same vein we all have important people in our lives that push us and help us because they care about us. I am certainly grateful to have people like that in my life.

That’s not what Discover-Your-Nomad-Purpose-Bob Davis Podcast 1012 is about.

Raw Purity

To sum up when something becomes a trend it loses some of its raw purity and appeal.

Plenty Of Room For Everyone

Certainly there’s plenty of room.

New Technology

And new technology is developing and coming on line.

Freeing Us All

Moreover that technology makes it possible for more people to hit the road. Permanently.

Let The Process Of Travel and Discovery Happen

But as the trend continues I hope readers and listeners will remember what a wonderful process of discovery travel of any kind actually is.

Complicating Life

In conclusion this process can be complicated.

Lists. Best practices. Getting advice.

Just Do It!

However if you really want the nomad experience sometimes the best advice is Just Do It!

Only consequently will all the pieces fall into place. That’s the fun of it anyway.

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Discover-Your-Nomad-Purpose-Bob Davis Podcast 1012