Podcast 129

Midnight rant on the deck! Just finished my reading for the day. Podcast 129 contains my raw reactions to some key stories in the news. Guess what? Harry Reid’s Bureau of Land Management is at it again, this time in Texas. This time, though, there’s a state Attorney General who isn’t going to put up with it. While the President puts the Keystone Xl pipeline approval in his pocket, his rich friends Warren Buffet (owner of rail roads) and Tom (Koch Brothers) Steyer have the president in theirs. Meanwhile, see those aging tanker cars rolling by the rail crossing at 45 miles an hour? They’re falling apart. That means the chances of an environmental disaster are much greater WITHOUT the Keystone Pipeline than WITH it. But who cares about reason when there’s millions of dollars in political contributions at stake from the ‘super rich’ democrat donors. Inequality? Yeah. Sure. Another junk Gallup poll … State surpluses mean rebates right? Not when there’s a stadium to be built! Another loving moment from the last Republican Presidential Candidate, Pretend Conservative Oligarch Jeb Bush, cherry picking economic data to prove your social theory, and more. Sponsored by XGovernment Cars