Podcast 600-Stop Worrying and Love The System


In Podcast 600-Stop Worrying and Love The System, Trump has been president for less than a month. Social Media and The News already have the United States under tyranny. Fascism is just a step away. How is it possible that a lowly Federal District Court Judge and an Appellate Court could block the executive orders of the great despot himself? Discussions of politics these days usually end in shouting matches. One thing we ought to be able to agree on is we’re watching the system of checks and balances work.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Usually supporters of the party in power oppose the court when it clips their wings. Not too long ago the courts were a last resort for Republicans. Suddenly the shoe is on the other foot. Now, Democrats take sustenance from the rulings of courts. The latest decisions prove the American President, for all his bluster, is no Putin. The President of the United States is still held accountable by the Courts, Congress and the People.

Podcast 600-Stop Worrying and Love The System takes a look at the recent rulings by courts this week and discusses a subject not being talked about too much these days. With all the shouting back and forth no one is taking up the question of executive orders. Do we really expect presidents in this country to rule us like a King or a Despot? Do we really expect presidents to run things with executive orders?

What is Congress Doing About It?

In Podcast 600-Stop Worrying and Love The System, the House is the body people are closest to. Congress is the body they the people transmit their concerns to. What if Congress has failed to effectively act on immigration and security? In this vacuum presidents have stepped in with their pen and their phone. It’s time for Congress to give the President the kind of law that solves these seemingly intractable twin problems of immigration and national security.

Checks and Balances

The US Presidency is a political office. Presidents may start out with what they perceive as a lot of political capital but they end up horse trading. While FDR issued three thousand executive orders he found himself stymied by the courts. Roosevelt resorted to a failed attempt to pack the Supreme Court. The great Emancipator ruled the country as a dictator but struggled with congress and the courts as well. American Presidents don’t get to act by fiat alone.

Political Turnabout

In Podcast 600-How To Stop Worrying and Love The System, on one side of the political divide are democrats. Those on the left are convinced the end of the world is at hand. A very short time ago those on the right and republicans in general believed the country was falling apart. Political Turnabout. A classic part of the American Experience, in Podcast 600-Stop Worrying and Love The System. And yeah. It IS going to Be Ok.

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