Podcast 158

A secret deal brought the 2018 Super Bowl to Minneapolis and Saint Paul? Say it ain’t so! The Star Tribune reports that a document has come to light ‘through a source’, clocking in at over one hundred and fifty pages, detailing the behind the scenes and secret demands of the Perfumed Welfare Queen known as the National Football League. Are taxpayers on the hook for free police escorts, and free presidential suites? What about demands for “airport management personnel” available to see to the needs of the owners of private jets? What about Taxpayers; People who certainly won’t be there on Superbowl Sunday 2018 and probably won’t see too many games in the stadium, more than half of which they paid for, because only rich people can afford tickets. Minneapolis Mayor Betzy Hodges says she didn’t know about the deal because it was, you know, secret. Sigh. Minneapolis and Saint Paul will do anything to look like an important city, where it isn’t minus-thirty and snowing around the time of the Superbowl. Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul