The-Great-California-Reset-Bob Davis Podcast 1021

Why I Needed The Great California Reset

Certainly my travel can be too ambitious which is why I needed the great California reset. Above all exhausted after a massive near thousand mile circle through Nevada, California and Oregon. Details in The-Great-California-Reset-Bob Davis Podcast 1021.

Friends In Oregon

Firstly somewhere along the line back in Northern Nevada I decided to visit friends in Oregon.

Secondly it was a wonderful idea.

Fall In Oregon

Fall in Oregon is beautiful.

Crater Lake

For example Crater Lake this time of year.

Multi Colored Forests

And the forests.

Coast To Coast Again

However after my visit in south central Oregon I decided to go ahead and make this another coast to coast trip.

Therefore off to Coos Bay. Headed down the Oregon coast.

And it was lit!

Rain Rain Go Away

However as I entered California it started to rain.

Head Back Through Central California

After that I decided to head back through central California on Highway 36 ultimately over to Nevada.

Cheaper Fuel In Nevada

Consequently I joke that I went to Nevada for cheaper fuel.

Damage From Forest Fires

Most importantly the damage from forest fires I saw was significant.


Especially Greenville, California.

Certainly not the only town or property destroyed during these fires this year. Especially the Dixie Fire in 2021.

Cleanup Crews Busy

Likewise the crews cleaning up after this summer’s fires are busy on a huge scale.

Unpredictable Life In The Mountains

To sum up it is a reminder that life in these mountains remains unpredictable.

Life Too

Even more our lives take unpredictable twists and turns no matter how settled we think we are.

All This Travel Makes Me Tired

Finally after all this travel I am in a funk.

High Vibration

To clarify travel is a high vibration and you don’t always know when you’re getting fatigued.

Ridiculous Fuel Prices

Certainly fuel prices are ridiculous in California.

More For Food Too

And I am paying more for food too.

Facts Of Life

Moreover these facts of life right now weigh on me as I travel.

Oregon Trail

Finally I am glad I made the trip to Oregon

Reset Loop

Even more I am grateful for the chance to take the reset loop through California and Nevada.

Death Valley Coming Up

Likewise it’s now back into Cali for a stop in Death Valley.


And warmer weather.

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The-Great-California-Reset-Bob Davis Podcast 1021