Your-Apocalypse-Now-Bob Davis Podcast 1090

Your Apocalypse Now

Firstly I say it’s your apocalypse now because everyone seems to be on the doom train these days. Learn more in Your-Apocalypse-Now-Bob Davis Podcast 1090.

Negative About The Future

Secondly I will tell you why I think everyone is so negative about the future in this podcast.

However not in this blog.

End Times

You have to listen to find out what’s causing this fascination with ‘the end times’.

Favorite End Time Themes

Whether it’s the Earth burning up, Nuclear War, Mass Starvation, Economic Collapse and certainly the return of Jesus, everyone seems to have their favorite end times theme.

5D World Too

Even hippies are getting into the act with their theories about the so called 5D world.

Friendly Aliens

Or the arrival of benevolent aliens who just want to help us.

Catastrophe In The Making

Of course there are catastrophes happening and in the making almost every day.

End Times Band Wagons

And the prognosticators, tarot card readers, economic experts, former generals and lesser ranks jumping on whatever end times band wagon seems to be going by.

Adhere To These Theories

But what’s amazing is how many people adhere to these theories.

And once one identifies with some theory one feels the need to defend and promote it.

Low Level Depression

Consequently we all seem to be in a constant low level depression.

Tired Of It

In short I am getting tired of it.


To begin with you’ll not find a shortage of dystopian literature and movies in my collection.

But every now and then it gets to be a little too much.


Therefore the theme of Your-Apocalypse-Now-Bob Davis Podcast 1090 is an explanation for this negativity.

Not Insurmountable

That is to say while there are challenges in our country and the world they aren’t insurmountable.

And there’s a very good reason so many content creators and subscribers are loving messages of the end times.

They’re Right

In conclusion the reason is they’re right!

The end is coming.

Details in the podcast.

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Your-Apocalypse-Now-Bob Davis Podcast 1090