Nomad-Road-Ahead-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1038

Nomad Road Ahead In 2022

Economic trouble for the world could mean good things on the nomad road ahead in 2022. Above all we nomads watch the road and prices for food and fuel. Details in Nomad-Road-Ahead-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1038.

Stock Markets Gone Wild

Firstly as I write this the stock markets are going crazy.

Trouble Ahead Trouble Behind

Secondly as if the pandemic over the last near three years isn’t enough now economic troubles loom.

Nomad Free Of The Stress

Above all not much touches us out here in the land of the nomad.

High Prices

Certainly I’ve been stopped down for awhile simply because I am stubborn and don’t want to pay high prices for diesel.

Change Ahead

However that may be about to change.

Road Beckons

And so the road beckons once more.

No Plan…

In the same vein no plan is a plan.


Community New Mission

During the this time I’ve discovered community and a new mission for 2022.

Cheering On Recession

But I would be lying if I wasn’t cheering in recession and lower prices.

Even more I don’t think many nomads are having this conversation right now.

On the other hand it’s a good conversation to have.

Peak RV?

In addition most of us are aghast at the high prices of almost everything.

Especially new rigs.

Punch Bowls And Nomads

In short if the punch bowl is taken away nomads might benefit the most.

2008 For RV’s

For example we see shades of the 2008 crisis in the borrowing and financing of almost everything out here.

And to extremes.

Deflation Boon

Therefore a pause and a little bit of disinflation or even deflation is seen here as a boon.

Now as the result of a recession jobs might be effected.

Consequently that might not be optimal.

Filling Tanks

In the meantime I can fill my tanks and get ready to roll.

Ready To Roll

Finally what’s next?

Still In The South West

For me it means continuing to explore the southwest in short trips.

Heading back north when it gets warm!

To sum up nomads don’t pay too much attention to financial metrics.

However I see things are changing quickly.

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Let’s go!

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Nomad-Road-Ahead-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1038