Nomad-Road-Ahead-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1038

Nomad Road Ahead In 2022

Economic trouble for the world could mean good things on the nomad road ahead in 2022. Above all we nomads watch the road and prices for food and fuel. Details in Nomad-Road-Ahead-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1038.

Stock Markets Gone Wild

Firstly as I write this the stock markets are going crazy.

Trouble Ahead Trouble Behind

Secondly as if the pandemic over the last near three years isn’t enough now economic troubles loom.

Nomad Free Of The Stress

Above all not much touches us out here in the land of the nomad.

High Prices

Certainly I’ve been stopped down for awhile simply because I am stubborn and don’t want to pay high prices for diesel.

Change Ahead

However that may be about to change.

Road Beckons

And so the road beckons once more.

No Plan…

In the same vein no plan is a plan.


Community New Mission

During the this time I’ve discovered community and a new mission for 2022.

Cheering On Recession

But I would be lying if I wasn’t cheering in recession and lower prices.

Even more I don’t think many nomads are having this conversation right now.

On the other hand it’s a good conversation to have.

Peak RV?

In addition most of us are aghast at the high prices of almost everything.

Especially new rigs.

Punch Bowls And Nomads

In short if the punch bowl is taken away nomads might benefit the most.

2008 For RV’s

For example we see shades of the 2008 crisis in the borrowing and financing of almost everything out here.

And to extremes.

Deflation Boon

Therefore a pause and a little bit of disinflation or even deflation is seen here as a boon.

Now as the result of a recession jobs might be effected.

Consequently that might not be optimal.

Filling Tanks

In the meantime I can fill my tanks and get ready to roll.

Ready To Roll

Finally what’s next?

Still In The South West

For me it means continuing to explore the southwest in short trips.

Heading back north when it gets warm!

To sum up nomads don’t pay too much attention to financial metrics.

However I see things are changing quickly.

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Let’s go!

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Nomad-Road-Ahead-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1038



Nomadland-Goes-Hollywood-Chic-Bob Davis Podcast 1037

Nomadland Goes Hollywood Chic

Firstly it sure looks like Nomadland Goes Hollywood Chic these days. Learn more in Nomadland-Goes-Hollywood-Chic-Bob Davis Podcast 1037.


Certainly if you want advice there’s no shortage of gurus on YouTube.

What About The Experience

However if you want to know what the experience of nomad life is about there’s not much on that.

It’s Complicated

Above all it may just be such a complicated subject no one wants to tackle it.

Your Experience May Vary

On the other hand the nomad experience depends on the individual.

Hard To Pin It Down

For that reason it’s difficult to pin down what the experience is all about.

Yeah But What About The Experience

In fact another nomad made that specific point the other day.

Nomadland-Goes-Hollywood-Chic-Bob Davis Podcast 1037

Therefore I decided to do this podcast.

Out Of One…Many

Most importantly there’s as many different experiences as there are nomads.

Lots Of Tribes

For example there’s weekend warriors, people in their cars, hippies in buses and Van Life people.

Not Like The Movie

And even more people with varying degrees of resources with almost any kind of rig you can imagine. But it’s not all like the movie.

Something’s Going On

Moreover there’s something going on.

Back In The World

That is to say there’s something going to back in the world, as I like to say.


Maybe it’s because of fear.

Life Is Not Guaranteed Anymore

And the feeling suddenly that life is not the guarantee it once was.

Damn The Torpedoes

I think many have decided damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.


During that process they pull a switch that ignited a passion to live.

Life and Experience

After that a desire to experience.

It’s not for everyone.

Now A Thing

However this is becoming a thing.

Dirt Under The Fingernails is Chic?

Even more, two words that come to mind are chic and Hollywood.

Please Don’t Call It A Movement

Finally I hope this doesn’t become a ‘movement’.

With leaders and followers.

Certainly I have been talking about that off and on for several podcasts.

Nomad Conversation

Because the subject comes up in normal nomad conversation out here.


Meanwhile it is an individual experience.

No right way to do it.

Testing One, Two, Three

Therefore I’ll try again to see if I can define the experience.

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Nomadland-Goes-Hollywood-Chic-Bob Davis Podcast 1037


What-Kind-Of-Nomad-Are-You-Bob Davis Podcast 1036

What Kind Of Nomad Are You?

Firstly too much advice for nomads kills the vibe. Learn more In What-Kind-Of-Nomad-Are-You-Bob Davis Podcast 1036 it’s time to talk about the independent spirit of being a nomad.

Advice Spewing Nomads

Secondly we may as well talk about the sudden proliferation of advice spewing nomad ‘gurus’.


Most importantly there is a disclaimer.

Above all recently I slowed my travel roll.


And I’ve met many people in the so called nomad community.

So when I point out something I think kills the independent spirit I am not talking about specific people.

Tribal Chiefs

However It’s becoming obvious there are nomad ‘gurus’ out there becoming chiefs of traveling bands of wanderers.

What Kind Of Nomad Am I?

Therefore I ask myself what kind of nomad am I?


Certainly I began this mission to get away from people telling me what to do and how to live.

Self Discovery

Even more this is a mission of self discovery.

No Advice Please

For example I am the kind of nomad that doesn’t want advice even if it hurts me!

Learning Through Experience

In the same vein I want to make mistakes because I learn through experience.

Do What We’re Told Now?

Moreover what kind of nomads are we if we buy what we’re told to buy.

Go where we’re told to go.

Live the way someone else tells us to?

Why Did You Hit The Road

To sum up isn’t this the reason many of us hit the road? To be free?


Finally I hear so many people talking about what so and so said on YouTube.

Shh. Listen!

I wonder whether we’re still hearing that voice within.

A Long Line Of Explorers

That is to say we join a long line of explorers and travelers who started with nothing and learned everything along the way.

Self Discovery

Including learning to discover themselves.

Mistakes and Learning

To sum up making mistakes is part of learning.

Why Do You Wander?

Moreover most people wander for various heartfelt reasons.

Be Prepared

It might not be all about what kind of batteries you have or whether you use a down blanket or not.

Be prepared.

But be prepared to be wrong, to make mistakes and discover yourself.

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What-Kind-Of-Nomad-Are-You-Bob Davis Podcast 1036