What-Kind-Of-Nomad-Are-You-Bob Davis Podcast 1036

What Kind Of Nomad Are You?

Firstly too much advice for nomads kills the vibe. Learn more In What-Kind-Of-Nomad-Are-You-Bob Davis Podcast 1036 it’s time to talk about the independent spirit of being a nomad.

Advice Spewing Nomads

Secondly we may as well talk about the sudden proliferation of advice spewing nomad ‘gurus’.


Most importantly there is a disclaimer.

Above all recently I slowed my travel roll.


And I’ve met many people in the so called nomad community.

So when I point out something I think kills the independent spirit I am not talking about specific people.

Tribal Chiefs

However It’s becoming obvious there are nomad ‘gurus’ out there becoming chiefs of traveling bands of wanderers.

What Kind Of Nomad Am I?

Therefore I ask myself what kind of nomad am I?


Certainly I began this mission to get away from people telling me what to do and how to live.

Self Discovery

Even more this is a mission of self discovery.

No Advice Please

For example I am the kind of nomad that doesn’t want advice even if it hurts me!

Learning Through Experience

In the same vein I want to make mistakes because I learn through experience.

Do What We’re Told Now?

Moreover what kind of nomads are we if we buy what we’re told to buy.

Go where we’re told to go.

Live the way someone else tells us to?

Why Did You Hit The Road

To sum up isn’t this the reason many of us hit the road? To be free?


Finally I hear so many people talking about what so and so said on YouTube.

Shh. Listen!

I wonder whether we’re still hearing that voice within.

A Long Line Of Explorers

That is to say we join a long line of explorers and travelers who started with nothing and learned everything along the way.

Self Discovery

Including learning to discover themselves.

Mistakes and Learning

To sum up making mistakes is part of learning.

Why Do You Wander?

Moreover most people wander for various heartfelt reasons.

Be Prepared

It might not be all about what kind of batteries you have or whether you use a down blanket or not.

Be prepared.

But be prepared to be wrong, to make mistakes and discover yourself.

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What-Kind-Of-Nomad-Are-You-Bob Davis Podcast 1036


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