Podcast 409 – Sunny Lohmann

Sunny Lohmann. Sunny is back making videos and getting trolled. As always she is uncompromising and thought provoking, from the Blood Moon, to the Trump candidacy, to free speech, racism and the Paleo Diet. Back for a weekend chat on the heels of two new You Tube videos which generated surprising controversy and response. First up is her satire of the Trump candidacy, followed up by a discussion of reaction to another video lampooning the Hollywood videos complaining about the lack of make up choices for people of color. These days it seems like it doesn’t matter what side your on, the trolls come from all sides. If someone doesn’t like what you say, they want to destroy you. It doesn’t matter that every liberal democracy in history has guaranteed free speech, with the US going so far as to actually amend its constitution to guarantee said speech (it is, of course the first amendment). The cyber equivalent of street thugs are out there, ready to pounce if you say anything that might offend their sensitive psyche. Then there’s the question of racism; Sunny suggests that some black activists are racists themselves, or at least that’s the impression she was left with from comments on her videos recently. In the end its pretty clear people aren’t very interested in working together in this country to solve any problems. Has diversity and political correctness destroyed free speech? Everyone seems to want to start their own activist group, attack the Facebook posts of someone they don’t agree with, or protest somewhere. Against something. Hence, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, or any other candidate that ‘tells it like it is’, which is really just screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore”. Now, if everyone says they’re mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore, but no one really knows what they’re mad about, or they’re all mad about different things … well you can see what kind of problem that presents to actual governing. Sponsored by X Government Cars and Pride Of Homes

Podcast 354

The Napa Valley. As our time in California comes to a close, the Napa Valley is a perfect place to say goodbye. Whether it is Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga, finally ending up in Nevada City the Golden State is a seductive place. The so called ‘warm and dry end’ of the Napa Valley was the destination for the parties of pioneers, of which the infamous Donner Party was part of. This valley is where many of them settled, and prospered after that fateful winter of 1866. Calistoga was also the adopted home of Robert Louis Stevenson, a fact they would much rather talk about than the fate of the Donner Party. Some highlights of the Donner Party story, and an interview with Al Derrick, who minds the Sharpsteen Museum in Calistoga. What does this tragic story in the history of settling California tell us about decision making and democracy? This is the only subtly political moment in this podcast. In the end, its seems tawdry to taint a Road Trip podcast with the grease of political pontification. (Editor’s Note: It must be pointed out, however, that the Hillary Clinton ‘inevitable’ presidential campaign has apparently borrowed the idea of hitting the road, going to real places and talking to real people, but not in a repurposed ambulance! Whether she is actually in the creeper van which headed for Iowa or not is another question.) Wine country is an impressive, pastoral location. It wasn’t always wine country tho. At one time this valley also produced Walnuts, prunes and other agricultural products on smaller farms. Today, vineyards are everywhere — and they are perfect. Finally, a surprise in the mountains as we come upon a Bikram Yoga studio in the middle of nowhere! Sponsored by Baklund R&D.