Podcast 221

The Negative View of Technology. It seems as though the pessimistic view of the world takes precedence these days, especially when it comes to technology and the future. Autonomous machines, robotics, driverless cars, the Internet, smaller (and larger) personal devices are portrayed as the villain. What happened to the formerly optimistic view of the future as portrayed in ‘Star Trek’, the original TV Series? The Hollywood Lens of tech today makes ‘Blade Runner’ look like a romantic comedy! On a beautiful fall afternoon, The Bob Davis Podcasts escapes the bunker for coffee at a ‘joint’ full of hipsters, working on their wireless devices, and portable computers. As technology frees some, apparently it imprisons others. Or so some commentators would have us believe. Do we view the present, and future, too darkly? With technology on most factory floors of the late 90’s vintage, advancements in technology associated with data storage, energy, materials, 3D printing and the like, there’s plenty of room for growth just doing upgrades! It’s time for an optimistic view of what we can do with science, and technology to produce a better country and a better world. What kind of political system, economic policy and foreign policy do we need to unlock and promote innovation and economic growth, while maintaining security. How are we pushing toward the future, while some parts of the world push toward the past? Why do commentators and reporters have a tendency to take something terrible happening in one small part of the world, and turn it into a crisis everywhere? How can we change our thinking about tech and the future? Finally, when will we develop an intuitive and ‘smart’ ATM? One that won’t charge us 4 dollars to get a hundred? Sponsored by Baklund R&D


howard walstein

As I sit here in Connecticut listening to your podcast, I wanted to welcome you and send my congratulations to you on your journey on finding a way to “making a living” with out working for “the man” and most importantly doing what you love to do. Your personality and talent has allowed you to uniquely fill a need in this world that the corporate world has so blindly (by its nearsightedness) accelerated (much like the newspaper industry has alienated many of its readers by editorializing its front page. )

Welcome to the world of being an entrepreneur. I too remember times when I asked myself “What if I lose it all”. 32 years later I’m proud to say I did it my way…sink or swim. I am very optimistic about the future and about your future. The essence of Bob Davis is much needed in this world. G-d bless you, my friend.

Bob Davis

Howard, thank you so much for your kind comments. You made my day. Always good to hear from someone who has done it, and its good to know if you stick with it, it works out.

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