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Rock Radio Stories

Ever have an experience you know is a one off? First of all my friend Max and I did. Second, we haven’t talked about it in a long time. Learn more in Rock-Radio-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 967.

Still New. Not ‘Classic’

Most importantly there was a time when rock wasn’t ‘classic’ because it was still new and fresh.

In addition we’re not going to say where this radio station was located because we think that will ruin the listener experience. For the same reason we’re actually not even going to identify the station.

Consequently we’ll just say our experience was in a southern capital city that wasn’t that big or that small. Find out why in Rock-Radio-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 967.

A Pure Radio Experience

In the same vein we think there were many people in radio who had a similar experience during this period of time.

Vinyl Ruled

Above all it was a time when vinyl ruled. Before so called “corporate” rock took over the airwaves.

High Power FM Radio

Moreover a time when high powered FM radio stations dominated, especially in this small but large southern industrial market.

Unique Experience

To sum up. How do you sum up?

Struggle To Explain

Truth is we struggled to explain how significant this time was for each of us. Especially the fact that radio was still a creative business.

It was pretty cool though.

A Story Not Told In Just One Podcast

To sum up this story isn’t told in one podcast.

This just scratches the surface and we’ll see what I do with this from here.

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Rock-Radio-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 967