Podcast 83

Cold enough for ya? Wind Chill is not the real temperature, people! It’s cold, but it’s not the end of the world. Join Bob Davis for a little snow shoveling, a walk outside in the winter wonderland, coffee, and a fireside chat on what is being touted as ‘The Coldest Night Of 2013’. After a visit from an overwrought Santa, Bob talks about why Saint Paul can’t clear its streets of snow and ice, whether or not sand is better than salt, and the teachable moment of the inability of municipalities and states to clear a little snow and ice! This is the North people! And well talk about republican moderates and the upcoming budget battle in Washington. Finally, a prediction for the democrat talking points in the 2014 election cycle.¬†Welcoming a new sponsor to the Bob Davis Podcasts: www.taxtiger.com.