A Patient Focused Solution To A Complicated and Expensive Process

These days paying for health and dental care is complicated and expensive. Learn more about Ethical-Dentistry-Reflections-Dental-Care here.

Ethical Dentistry At Reflections Dental Care

Reflections Dental Care Eases The Burden

Even more adding dental care to your insurance can be a burden too.

From The Bunker Blog Gives Readers Options

Firstly every now and then I like to use The From The Bunker Blog at The Bob Davis Podcasts to give podcast listeners and subscribers content they can use. That’s why this blog deals with Ethical-Dentistry-Reflections-Dental-Care.

Recommending Reflections Dental Care In Maple Grove Minnesota

Secondly when it comes to dental care, one of the best recommendations I can make is Reflections Dental Care in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Here’s why

Reflections Dental Care is known for its patient focused approach. Moreover Reflections Dental Care is owned and operated by two great friends of mine; Doctor Anupam Gatecha and Reflections Dental Care’s business manager Hetal Gatecha.

One On One Patient Focus

Certainly in this day and age of corporate volume oriented businesses the one on one customer focus is often lost.

Why “Doctor G” Started Reflections Dental Care

Doctor Gatecha wanted to focus one on one with patients and that is why he started Reflections Dental Care.

The idea behind this amazing clinic was to reflect his values as a Dentist.

It’s All About Patient Focus and Giving Time

Patient Focus

Dr G’s approach is patient focused, rather than market focused.

A Big Plus

And obviously that focus turns out to be a big plus for patients.

Yes There Is A Discount Plan

For example, the Reflections Dental Care’s Discount Plan.

Real talk…Dental insurance can be an expensive and difficult proposition for both the patient and doctor.

The Reflections Dental Care discount plan allows you to pay just three hundred dollars for a whole year.

Included are two cleanings, two x-rays, two exams, flouride treatments and a 15 percent discount on other services.

The good news?

No insurance middleman.

No haggling over bills.

Because Reflections Dental Care’s discount plan eliminates the middle man.

This is a great plan if you’re just getting started in life.

In addition it’s valuable if you have kids.

And if you have young adults just coming off parents’ medical and dental plans at 26.

Why Discount Plan Is So Important

Reflections Dental Care’s approach is to make sure you’re getting regular cleanings and visits.

Checkups and Cleanings Mean Better Dental Health

In addition with regular checkups and cleanings your Dentist can deal with issues before they become problems.

No Copay With Reflections Dental Care Discount Plan

Certainly with the discount plan, there’s no copay.

Even more there’s no issues with insurance, when you change jobs.

Introducing Doctor G

Friends of Reflections Dental Care in Maple Grove affectionately call Doctor Anupam Gatecha, “Doctor G”.


Doctor G started reflections because his philosophy is to give time to patients,

Giving Time

Doctor G and Hetal say giving time helps Doctor G understand your concerns as a patient.

Moreover giving time allows Doctor G and Reflections Dental Care to provide more options to you because your concerns are better understood.

Genuine Concern

This genuine concern for individual patients is why Reflections Dental Care exists.

You can see Reflections Dental Care’s concern and attention to detail in the photos of Reflections Dental Care’s Clinic in Maple Grove, in this edition of my blog.

Unique and Positive Experience

Patients at Reflections Dental Care report that the experience is completely unique and the best they’ve ever had.

Moreover people who refer Reflections do so with high confidence.

Family Focused Too

If it’s check ups, cleanings, X-rays, emergencies, braces and other dental issues with your kids, Reflections Dental Care is family focused.

Ethical Dentistry

To sum up, It’s about the ethical practice of Dentistry and the patient.

Finally if you’re looking for ethical dental care I can also happily refer you to Reflections Dental Care.

This is a dentists office? At Reflections Dental Care it is.