Concern For Neighborhood Pets After Fireworks

Concern for animals inspired me to blog about a friend’s non profit called Inspire and Flourish. This fourth of July weekend I couldn’t believe the intensity of neighborhood fireworks.

Neighborhoods Were Popping

Firstly without full community fireworks this year it seemed like everyone in the neighborhoods put on their own displays!

Not So Fun For A Golden Retriever Named ‘Murphy’

It was a rip roaring good time. However not so fun for most people’s pets.

People Still Looking For Their Pets

Secondly people took to social media the next day to search for terrified pets that ran away.

Still Wandering Scared and Confused

Even more, people continue to report animals missing. Pets continue to wander, confused and scared.

Scared To Death…Concern-For-Animals-Inspires-Flourishes

Likewise my son’s dog was scared to death even though he’d been raised in a frat house! Learn more in Concern-For-Animals-Inspires-Flourishes.

Inspire and Flourish To The Rescue

Therefore I called Steffany Flemming, creator of Inspire and Flourish, for some advice.

What’s Inspire and Flourish?

Inspire and Flourish is a nonprofit helping animals and people in need.

Creating and Supporting Events To Help People and Beloved Animals

Above all Inspire and Flourish creates and supports great events like its annual dog fashion show. In addition Inspire and Flourish features carnival games and inspired benefit events.

Podcast From Dog Fashion Show

Certainly you can check out my podcast live from that event here.

Helping Partners Flourish

Above all these events provide fundraising and awareness to help partner organizations flourish.

Helping The Most Vulnerable

Steffany says Inspire and Flourish exists help the most vulnerable.

Children and Animal Rescue

It all started just wanting to help animal rescues, and seeing the need everywhere. These days it’s extended to children that are struggling, as well as animal rescue groups.

Animals Are A Comfort

Animals are a comfort to all of us, especially children.

Those In Crisis Are Likely To Aid Their Pets First

Most importantly someone in crisis will often feed their animals first.

Inspire and Flourish Helps Their Beloved Pet So They Can Help Themselves

They can come to an inspired event, get a bag of dog food and save enough money feel so they can better about taking care of their own needs too.

Plugging Gaps In Animal Rescue Needs

But plugging gaps in the animal rescue world is what Inspire and Flourish does best.

Always Animals In Need

Flemming says there will always be animals in need. There will always be a need for animal rescue.

But Helping Them Is Expensive

It’s really expensive, she says.

Intervene To Offset Expenses

If Inspire and Flourish can intervene to offset expenses for these organizations, “then we have fulfilled our purpose”.

Volunteer With Inspire and Flourish

Finally Steffany Flemming and the volunteers at Inspire and Flourish will do just about anything to help animals in need.

How To Help Dogs Triggered

Oh yeah, what about the fireworks effects on my son’s dog? Inspire and Flourish let me know rescue dogs especially can be triggered by loud noises and revert as a result.

Hold And Comfort As Long As It Takes

In short you have to hold and comfort the animal as long as it takes to calm them down. They don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

And that’s Steffany. Whatever it takes. As long as it takes!

That’s Inspire And Flourish

In the same vein CBD oil for dogs doesn’t hurt either.

Especially for a golden raised in a fraternity house in the heart of Baltimore.

Check out Inspire and Flourish here.

Donations always help too

And, Steffany says she can put volunteers to work right away.

Inspire and Flourish