Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858

Radio Fun This Weekend

These days planning for a local radio show takes a different approach. Talk radio hasn’t changed since the 1990’s while the political discourse has been poisoned. Learn more in Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858.

Working Out What To Talk About

I always have fun on the radio. Moreover rather then tell the local radio station what I’ll be talking about I find it’s better to just talk out some of the concepts in a podcast. Once the podcast is posted the local station can link in their social media.

Back In The Talk Radio Ghetto

It’s especially relevant that at the same time I am filling in for a political talk show I am distancing myself from so called ‘nuts and bolts politics’ in the podcasts.

Hyper Partisans Don’t Get It

Furthermore most subscribers and listeners in the podcast world ‘get it’. In contrast the hyper partisan political talk world probably won’t. So that is what I talk about in Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858.

Welcome To The Social Media Sewer

Above all social media has become a sewer. To be sure if you’re on social media to connect with Aunt Suzie in Ohio or to share pictures of your soccer team’s victory last weekend more power to you.

Certainly when it comes to politics the word sewer is apt in relation to social media’s contribution.

Wait! Let’s Not Forget The Electorate!

Seems like there’s more though. I single out the so called electorate in this podcast too. Especially on the ‘conservative’ side of the fence if they’re not complaining about the biased media and people getting free stuff from the government, they’re in the line at the bank to cash their social security and farm subsidy checks.

Finally don’t worry. The media monolith is certainly worthy of attack as well. Watching TV and reporting on twitter feeds is not journalism. Predicting the future is not commentary.

See You On The Radio

In conclusion this is a good start to some of the topics I’ll be discussing this weekend here.

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Weekend-Radio-Show-Plans-Bob Davis Podcast 858