Where’s-The-Landslide-Bob Davis Podcast 962

Where’s The Landslide?

Learn more in Where’s-The-Landslide-Bob Davis Podcast 962. Penguin Pundits told us over and over one of these candidates would probably win the election ‘by a landslide’. What happened?

Not Minute By Minute Coverage

Firstly I don’t do minute by minute election coverage.

Nomad Election Coverage

Secondly I’ve made a decided effort to go on the road permanently to avoid just this sort of nonsense!

Fairfield Iowa

Most importantly I am in Fairfield, Iowa. A great mix of people in a great small Midwestern town.

A Political History For The Bob Davis Podcasts

Even more Fairfield was where I ended my 2020 Iowa Caucus fiasco coverage.

2020 Election Started With The Caucus Confusion And Ended The Same Way

Therefore I was honestly not surprised when November 3rd’s Election Results ended in nearly the same kind of confusion as the Iowa Caucuses this year.

Telling A Story

Above all podcasts have an opportunity to tell a story on any subject.

No Stats And Judgements…Sorta

We Know media loves its statistics and judgements on election day.

Taking You Through The Night…Again

On the other hand Hey-Where’s-The-Landslide?-Bob Davis Podcast 962 takes you through the night.

Locals Check Ins and Our Future

Certainly there are some stats. But there are also interviews with locals, check ins and some thoughts about the future sure to surprise.

Experts Just Can’t Help Themselves

Meanwhile all the experts are jumping up and down. What happened to the polling? Why didn’t things work out the way we said they would?

Bob Davis Podcasts Called It Weeks Ago

In short if you had been listening to these podcasts you already knew the polls actually predicted close races in the contested states. I’ve been saying this for weeks. Yeah, I talk about it in Where’s-The-Landslide-Bob Davis Podcast 962.

Finally now we have to wait for the results.

I’ll Get You Out Of The Political Roach Motel

In conclusion if you are enslaved by a political identity, or trapped in the roach motel of politics, this is a good podcast for you.

Results First

To sum up maybe it would be better if we waited for the results to come before we tell everyone what the results will be, right?

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Where’s-The-Landslide-Bob Davis Podcast 962