Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072

Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072

Firstly back in Quartzsite and it sure feels good. Learn more in Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072.

Summer Travel

Secondly I have been all over the southwest this summer.

Feels Like Home

And Quartzsite feels like home.

No One Here Yet

Furthermore there’s very few snowbirds here right now.

Time and Space

Therefore a lot of time and space for reflection.

Thoughts about Ambition

For example I’ve been thinking about ambition and the drive to succeed.


Or striving.

Nomad World

In fact striving doesn’t work very well in the nomad world.

Type A

Certainly it does not mean a type-A like me is ever going to bag it all and do nothing.


However it means experiences that are available for us all are accessible.

Not Always Pushing

Because I am not pushing for the next objective the same way I used to.

A Lesson

Likewise this is a lesson I think applicable to all walks of life.

The Wanting

In addition I am reminded of a podcast I did awhile back about ‘The Wanting’.

Which is to say our wants sometimes drive us to negative results.

In the same vein I was shocked when a popular ‘sophist’ espoused the very same concept to his Hollywood acolytes!

Must be listening to the podcast!

Hard Work Is Still Important

Most importantly nothing important is achieved without hard work and determination.

Passion and Ambition Can Be Good

Passion and ambition are good things when used properly.

Another Path

However at some point some of us discover another path.

For instance ‘going with the flow’ or listening to an inner voice.

I Am The Last Guy…

Finally you might think I’d be the last person who might embrace these concepts.

The University Of Road and Travel

But it is the road and travel have schooled me.


Even more sometimes those experiences are sublime.

Details in Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072.

Same Guy

To sum up I am still the same driven guy I always was.


On the other hand I’ve learned to put that aside from time to time.

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Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072