Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072

Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072

Firstly back in Quartzsite and it sure feels good. Learn more in Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072.

Summer Travel

Secondly I have been all over the southwest this summer.

Feels Like Home

And Quartzsite feels like home.

No One Here Yet

Furthermore there’s very few snowbirds here right now.

Time and Space

Therefore a lot of time and space for reflection.

Thoughts about Ambition

For example I’ve been thinking about ambition and the drive to succeed.


Or striving.

Nomad World

In fact striving doesn’t work very well in the nomad world.

Type A

Certainly it does not mean a type-A like me is ever going to bag it all and do nothing.


However it means experiences that are available for us all are accessible.

Not Always Pushing

Because I am not pushing for the next objective the same way I used to.

A Lesson

Likewise this is a lesson I think applicable to all walks of life.

The Wanting

In addition I am reminded of a podcast I did awhile back about ‘The Wanting’.

Which is to say our wants sometimes drive us to negative results.

In the same vein I was shocked when a popular ‘sophist’ espoused the very same concept to his Hollywood acolytes!

Must be listening to the podcast!

Hard Work Is Still Important

Most importantly nothing important is achieved without hard work and determination.

Passion and Ambition Can Be Good

Passion and ambition are good things when used properly.

Another Path

However at some point some of us discover another path.

For instance ‘going with the flow’ or listening to an inner voice.

I Am The Last Guy…

Finally you might think I’d be the last person who might embrace these concepts.

The University Of Road and Travel

But it is the road and travel have schooled me.


Even more sometimes those experiences are sublime.

Details in Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072.

Same Guy

To sum up I am still the same driven guy I always was.


On the other hand I’ve learned to put that aside from time to time.

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Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072


Summer-Travel-Solitaire-2022-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 1071

Summer Travel Solitaire 2022 Review

Firstly doing a summer travel solitaire 2022 review means defining what low and slow travel is. Details in Summer-Travel-Solitaire-2022-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 1071.

Taking My Time

Secondly taking my time has allowed me to opportunity to meet people and experience the American Southwest more completely.

Not A Beginner

And I am not a beginner when it comes to travel.

Deeper Experience

However I have enjoyed a deeper experience of this part of the country this year than ever before.


Even more my experience has been solitaire.

Why Choose The Nomad Path

Certainly Summer-Travel-Solitaire-2022-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 1071 gives me an opportunity to open up a little about why I chose the nomad path.

Thousand Mile Chunks

In addition shifting from barnstorming across the country in great thousand mile plus chunks has made a huge difference in fuel consumption.

Four States In Depth

Consequently I got to know four states in depth this summer.

For instance, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Eastern California.

Made A Good Plan

Most importantly I made a good plan.

Stuck To The Plan

Moreover I stuck to that plan through the summer.

In the same vein nomads often trouble sticking to the plan.

Likewise this nomad!

Traveling Alone

To sum up what has traveling alone been like?

Winter In Quartzsite

And why spend winter in Quartzsite Arizona?

Pivotal Time

Finally I think we all understand we’re living through a pivotal time.

On The Road Is Special

Above all experiencing this time on the road is really special.

Depressed Farm Towns

For example I’ve spend some time in California’s depressed farm towns.

Hippie Towns

And hippie towns in Colorado.

Forest Fires

Experienced a forest fire in Arizona.

Small Towns

And Utah’s great small towns.

Fort Collins and SnowMass Village

In addition I got to house it in Fort Collins and SnowMass.

Run The Gamut

So my experiences have run the gamut.

Kick Back Time

In conclusion it’s time to kick back and rest in Southern Arizona.

2023’s Podcast and Travel Plans

And plan next year’s podcast and travel effort.

Never Disappoints

Even though Quartzsite never disappoints when it comes to content!

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Summer-Travel-Solitaire-2022-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 1071

Simplicity-In-A-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 1070

Simplicity In A Storm

Most importantly there is simplicity in a storm because all you can do is sit there and experience it! Learn more in Simplicity-In-A-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 1070.

Life Is Complicated

The Nomad Solution

Certainly nomads will agree being out in the middle of nowhere better than being in a city.


Firstly there’s a kind of energy in forests, mountains and deserts.



Opposite In The City

Secondly you get the opposite energy in cities.

Some Small Towns Not Good

Even more these days in small towns.

Which is a surprise.


For instance the “Suburbanization” of small towns like Flagstaff, Arizona.

Carnival In The Red Rocks

Or the “Wisconsin Dells” approach of places like Sedona, Arizona.

Finally there is the Internet.

Zombie Companies

And modern companies.


We all have our lists.

I’ll give you my list in Simplicity-In-A-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 1070.

Experience A Full Monsoon Storm

But for this podcast it is the opportunity to finally fully record one of the west’s magnificent Monsoon storms.

Headphones Please

Even more the chance for listeners to sit back, put their headphones on and have the same experience I had recording.

There Has To Be A Better Way

Above all I can’t help feeling like there has to be a better way.

I Just Don’t Know What It Is

To clarify all these ‘improvements’ were supposed to make our lives easier.

How’d That Turn Out For You?

In short I am not sure anyone thinks it turned out that way.

Hitting The Road Is The Antidote

Above all this is the main reason I hit the road.

And that is true of many others.


In the same vein there is a very relaxing approach to life when you’re a nomad.

Hey! There’ No Signal In Paradise

Especially when you find yourself unable to check your social media, send and receive messages, or even make a call.

It Will Have To Wait

It’ll have to wait, whatever it is!

Nature Rewires Us

Likewise there’s something about nature that has rewired my city brain.

Storms Sun Vistas And Fun

In conclusion I’d rather be out here with the storms and sun, vistas and fun, than the city.

After that what can one say?

The Dream Is Alive…In Portland?

Sitting and drinking in cafes in urban neighborhoods just doesn’t compare to the mist after the rain, a fire, and a simple cup of coffee after the rain.

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Simplicity-In-A-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 1070