Podcast 116

I’m getting an ominous feeling about the next couple of weeks. MH370 is still a mystery. Russia is massing troops at the Eastern gate of the Ukraine and the White House seems confused. What does the US intend to DO about this, if anything. SHOULD the United States do anything? With winter over, the story line is now it was the worst winter ever in the upper Midwest, which feeds the story line that our slow economy is the result of … bad weather. Now the Met Council is fighting with the City of Minneapolis, the new Mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges, the residents of Kenwood and Lake of Isles Neighborhoods, environmentalists, and bike nazis. It doesn’t get any better than this! Plus, court protection for pets in distress, NASA studying the fall of Rome, Brad Pitt’s modernist ghetto in New Orleans and much more! Sponsored by XGovernmentCars … now with Mustangs!



why no pc-115? illuminati?? 🙂

Bob Davis

Ha! I didn’t check the board where I keep track of all the podcasts before I named that one, in a haze of caffeine and steak. So I will have to do a ‘lost podcast 115’ one of these days. It has to be special though.

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