Podcast 117

Podcast 117 gets you started on the last day of March 2014, and ready for the first week of April. A shout out to the Constitution Party of Minnesota, and why I won’t be podcasting my speech there this weekend. There’s a big controversy between the North Metro Tea Party and candidate for the Republican endorsement for the US Senate in 2014, Mike McFadden. Can moderates lead Republicans to victory if they force the nomination of yet another Bush in 2016? Will mushy moderates inevitably give way to ‘radical’ libertarian ideas espoused by leaders like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Scott Walker? And why are we talking about the presidential race in 2016 when there is a perfectly pivotal election for the House of Representatives, Senate, state houses and governor’s mansions in 2014? Is Democracy dying in America? Plus updates on MH370 and the Ukraine, Obama’s foreign policy, MSNBC’s sinking ratings and a special note on the Minneapolis South West Metro Light Rail controversy. Sponsored by Edelweissdesign.com.