Podcast 133

Slash and Burn from the Kitchen!¬†The Washington Post exposes Tea Party finances emphasizing the need for local chapters to build responsive, powerful, influential and accountable political organizations. Are Republicans going soft on the ObamaCare repeal? Politicians will backpedal if the pressure isn’t maintained. Is America’s Infrastructure crumbling, and are we wasting money on trains? US Capitol Police report threats against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and armed militia members in Nevada are said to be setting up checkpoints. Are Porn stars entitled to the same rights as you and I? Why is the Department of Justice telling the banks to close the ¬†accounts of sex workers? First they came for the Porn Stars … and then they came for me. And then there’s the Pope, who condemns capitalism while he takes money from capitalists for his big double canonization. Yes, I’d like a healthy dose of hypocrisy with my wafer, thank you. And, is modern man inferior to Cro Magnon man? Sponsored by PlanVision. Learn how you can save up to 80 percent of the fees you may be currently charged for your 401K management.