Podcast 314

Global Warming Hot Air. The ‘Climate Change Community’ thanks Brian Williams for making up stories, stealing coverage from what could be the biggest scandal in scientific history; It appears the US Government has been cooking the books when it comes to temperature data. Actual temperatures posted from weather stations in Paraguay, Northern Canada and Siberia have been altered (gasp) to show higher readings…for years. A midwinter meltdown would ensue, if this story was actually taken up by the news machine, but they’re too busy with Dirty Laundry from Brian Williams right now. Meanwhile billions of dollars are being spent on wind and solar, and electric car subsidies. Not to mention the legislative roadblock ordered up by Obama Crony Warren Buffett on the Keystone pipeline, due to concerns the EPA has over its environmental ‘impact’. Carbon Credits anyone? Hot Air indeed. More bad news for the IRS and for taxpayers. Thousands of taxpayer numbers and social security numbers have been hacked, and have been used by hackers to file early returns. People are discovering the problem when they file their taxes and get the message, “Your return has already been processed”. The actual taxpayer then has to go through the process of ‘proving’ to the IRS that they have been the victim of identity theft. This, with an agency that is so poorly run they don’t answer the phone, or even respond to letters, and sometimes when they do, they get confused. Solution? Give them more money. Oh Hell No! The solution is a new tax system that does away with the byzantine tax code and the poster child for government inefficiency; The Internal Revenue Non Service. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has kicked up a firestorm after giving his commissioners huge raises. The head of the unelected Met Council now earns well over one hundred thousand dollars a year. Other commissioners will make as much as $155,000 a year. Dayton says these people need this money to take care of their families. Keep in mind the average Minnesotan earns somewhere around forty eight thousand dollars a year, with no pension. State employees can double dip pensions, and their pension is based on their income. Remember, taxpayers pay their salary and fund their pensions. Governor Dayton catches a break though. It was revealed this week that the average dock worker on the west coast earns $147,000 a year, plus benefits paid by the employer and an eighty thousand dollar a year pension. What’s in your wallet? Sponsored by Baklund R & D



I thought your comments on the IRS and the tax system in America were right on target. Hard to believe people would argue with them. In my opinion the US Government wastes so much money in inefficiency it shocks me that more people don’t seem to get it ESPECIALLY young people. Is it the education system? Something that has struck me since probably the early 80’s, the average person cannot do their own taxes and need to either hire someone or spend money on tax preparation software to get them done and find out how much money they owe the government. That money and productivity and the money and productive time spent battling fraud (Billions combined?) is spent on feeding the bureaucracy which continues to grow and get more tangled and just cost more and more.
With the system you talk about I can only imagine the impact of having all that money being put back into the economy. Money spent on software, tax accountants, lawyers, tax services, take the IRS from 100,000 employees to maybe 5000 or 500, and whatever else, would go back into the economy. Hopefully people would use it and be creative to invent new things, perfect new ideas already taking hold and take the US into the next stage of prosperity. I realize there is a lot more to it than just putting the money back into productivity (like fixing the education system) but stopping the wasted money may be a good start.
Comment on Dayton and the raises.
Wow that was really discouraging to hear. Made me want to rethink why again do I live in this state? The state does not need to do anything for that money in terms of producing something that people will buy or even increasing their own productivity or efficiency. They do not even need to be nicer at the DMV when we go get our tabs (sorry for the snark). They just spend it, and increase taxes if they run low on money. In private industry those types of raises would need to come out of profit and be earned, or the company would not be in business long.
I am not one of those people who slam the rich, rich folks have taught me a lot and provided me a lot of meaningful work, but Mark Dayton spends other people’s money like he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never done a menial job to survive, oh wait…….….

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