Podcast 450

Beware The Soothsayers. So much of our media these days is caught up in predicting the future. Weather, economics, sports and especially politics, isn’t so much about fact as it is about predictions based on opinion and poorly supported ‘fatcs’. Without a real basis in science or proven facts, we’re constantly told what the ‘future will bring’. It’s a wonder news anchors and ‘commentators’ don’t wear brightly colored head dresses and look into a crystal ball. One of the reasons we are ill served by a modern media possessed of the greatest technology for informing known to man, is its executives exhort their on screen ‘actors’ and so called ‘journalists’ to use opinion and hearsay to ‘predict’ what ‘will’ happen, rather than just report the facts around an event, or ‘the news’. For instance, lower prices for gasoline was going to ‘act like a tax cut’ and we would have economic growth. The Christmas retail shopping season might be a little down, but it would still be good. Donald Trump would be a flash in the pan, and would ‘collapse’ as soon as voters ‘came to their senses’. This is the time of year astrologers make their predictions for 2016, which are about as accurate as the wild ‘predictions’ made by the cable news services, round table discussions, commentary pieces distributed on line, and most of the rest of the media conglomeration complex, especially talk radio and the cable news channels. What do you think would happen if they stopped making predictions? There’d be a lot of dead air. In fact most of what is being broadcast and written these days is little more than fortune telling, and not very good fortune telling at that. In a late night podcast by the fire, as we labor under a winter storm watch in the upper midwest (at least a foot of snow ‘predicted’ with the ‘storm’ starting Monday night), time to air some concerns about what we are being told, and talk about the antidote to it. Sponsored by Hydrus Performance, and by the Mobile Podcast Command Unit of The Bob Davis Podcasts. 



Spot on, Bob. I can barely stand to watch the news anymore, because instead of giving me a survey of facts, all they want to do is speculate, give opinions and soothsaying, 98% of which is wrong.

The one place where I do want to be told the future is the weather, and they still can’t get a 12 hour forecast 100% correct. Looking at their 5-7 day forecasts is laughable. I ignore them or pick a date several days out and just watch how many times the forecast for that day is revised.

Howard Walstein

Great prespective! I have often witnessed a newscast and thought how do they know this? Last night I heard a 4 minute piece on how the housing market is going to be even better. My thought was until what? My favorite catergory that fits your comments is when the cover the stock market… The market is down today because of …. In business there are a myriad of reasons why one business isn’t doing well and those same conditions may cause the business across the street to have record profits…I often ask “How do they even know this?”

Once again, Bob this was a very good podcast. Thanks

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