Bad-Service-Is-Not-Service-Bob Davis Podcast 1107

Bad Service Is Not Service

Significantly American business claims great service but Bad Service Is Not Service. And these days bad service is what we get most of the time. Got a great story to tell in Bad-Service-Is-Not-Service-Bob Davis Podcast 1107.


As a matter of fact a recent debacle between me and my Podcast Hosting Service is a great illustration.


Because I have so much data on this page I ran afoul of an algorithm.

Help Desk No Help

As a result no amount of working with the so called ‘help desk’ was going to alleviate the problem.

Furthermore in a painful episode that lasted over a recent two week period I learned one of America’s supposedly great service companies is not.

To enumerate here would take paragraphs.


To explain my web developer and I spent two Sundays mystified at the byzantine rules and procedures.


Procedures which on the negative side don’t seem to have any purpose.

One Hand

Even more one hand knows not what the other is doing.

No Authority

And getting to someone with authority was nearly impossible.

Detail are included in Bad-Service-Is-Not-Service-Bob Davis Podcast 1107 as an illustration.

American Business Not In As Good Shape As They Think

In effect to point out that American Businesses are not worth what they think they are.

Hours On The Phone

Certainly I am not the only one who has noticed that all things considered consumers spend hours on the phone and on line trying to solve problems the companies create themselves.


Thereafter we hear excuses.

Chiefly the recent pandemic…and supply problems.

Promoting “Kick Ass” Service

However they still promote “Kick Ass” service.

No Service

But they’re not delivering any service at all.

Whiners Not Winners

Finally we hear American Business cry in pain at every interest rate increase.

Without reservation they blame the government…

Or the Federal Reserve.


Yet they continue to deteriorate in terms of service.

Customer Has To Solve The Problem

In conclusion it was left to my web developer and I to solve the problem for the most part.

And we did.

Back Where We Started After One Thousand Dollars

After more than a thousand dollars we ended up where we started out with two thirds less content on the site.

No Reason

For no reason.

Making Silk…

With this in mind I’ve long considered removing much of the content prior to my travel and nomad podcast.

In conclusion it’s a new day. I’ll explain in the podcast.

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Bad-Service-Is-Not-Service-Bob Davis Podcast 1107