Write when you first wake up.

Write when you first wake up.

First thing.

But calls, emails and interruptions make it impossible to stay in that perfect, just-woke-up creative state.

I usually check email, texts, twitter et al, before I get out of bed. Then I stumble into the kitchen fire up the water for coffee, and go through analytics and stats for www.thebobdavispodcasts.com.

Managed to get that done this morning before the phone started ringing and texts started coming in and I started talking to people about politics, media, or whatever.

My son and I usually talk sometime during the day, and we mix it up about politics and the news of the day. As soon as we get into it, my brain starts cranking away. As he calls this morning, he does not know, my plan is to sit and write the first thoughts that come into my mind.

The call ends up scrambling my brain, ruining that perfect ‘wake-up’ creative state.


Actually you’re supposed to use a pen and paper. The idea is that there is something going on with the hand eye coordination and paper and the right brain, but the keyboard will have to do this morning.

And what about the ‘From The Bunker’ blog?

Each night when I post the podcast, I also write a short paragraph explaining the content of the podcast. Originally, these were supposed to be short. Like, “Interview with so and so about such and such”, right?

As I learned about Search Engine Modification, I learned to make those paragraphs longer and more descriptive. So now, the podcast explanations – so called liner notes – have become  100 word or so blogs themselves.

Writers know though, sculpting your text and rewriting and editing is the enemy of actually getting the thing done, and sometimes all the juice is squeezed out of your perfect just-woke-up expression.


I also think – if a person is going to blog – it shouldn’t be about nothing. Who’s going to read the ramblings of a nut like me as soon as he wakes up in the morning!

So, here’s a nugget for you.

One of the first things I do in the morning is to go look at Google Analytics and stats. From the beginning I have been amazed at how www.thebobdavispodcasts.com has grown over the past year or so.

Listeners all over the world have increased number of visits to the page, page views  as bounce rates have gone down. Thus, something intended as a vessel to ‘hold the podcasts’ for wider distribution through applications like stitcher.com, iTunes, and Tunedin.com has become a ‘thing’ itself.

The General Manager of the Bob Davis Podcasts — my mom — says she has a ‘feeling’ the page and the podcasts are going to be very big.

I’ve certainly talked a lot about new media, the freedom and independence, the ability to communicate in a new way, and the ability to access people from all over the world. And it is growing…

The stats show visitors and listeners from all kinds of companies and interests too. Technology and manufacturing, medical services, nonprofits, political organizations, all kinds of retail and commercial services and outlets, and more.

We have two new digital sponsors, www.elegancepaintingfm.com and Complete Home Service and Remodeling, and as we move into winter, there will be more opportunities for digital sponsorships:

That is, advertising options for businesses interested in advertising with the podcasts, in the form of digital advertising only — banners and visual ads — rather than endorsements in the podcasts. And, thanks to Kevin and Brent and Julie for taking the plunge and making sponsorships for the ‘From The Bunker Blog’ possible.

As I said, there are all sorts of people working for different kinds of businesses hitting the page and listening to the podcasts, so I’ll use this opportunity to invite you – if you’re one of those people – to contact me about digital advertising with www.thebobdavispodcasts.com, whether it is this blog, or future opportunities on this page.

All you have to do is send me a message through the ‘contact’ section of the www.thebobdavispodcasts.com page.

It doesn’t matter where you are. For example, Kevin from Elegance Painting is HQ’d in Fargo, North Dakota. While many of the sponsors of the podcast are centered in and around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, you don’t have to be.

I’d love the opportunity to show sponsors who sell nationally, and may be headquartered in markets around the US, what the podcasts and www.thebobdavispodcasts.com can do for them.

One of the long term plans for The Bob Davis Podcasts is to become more mobile, to visit other metropolitan areas, cities and towns and to speak or do podcasts form locations other than Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I have been talking about this and have some plans in the works on this front.

Here again, if you’re visiting the page and you’re from some other place, check out speaker booking, send me a message and let’s talk about the Bob Davis Podcasts coming out and speaking to your group, or working with you.


The phone is buzzing, emails are coming through, and I have to shovel snow. Welcome to November in Minnesota!

Buh Bye.