Podcast 60

As the United States prepares to intervene in the Syrian Civil War, many questions remain. What is the Foreign Policy of the Obama Administration, what will the US get out of an intervention in Syria, who wins and who loses. And where the hell IS Syria anyway? Welcoming back www.xGovernmentCars.com as sponsors of the Bob Davis Podcasts, with another podcast live from the backyard of the broadcast bunker, plus original music from Eric Martin.


Podcast 59

Is there ‘truth’ in the media? How do listeners, viewers and readers get ‘the truth’. What is ‘truth’? Why do YOU listen, watch and read? Where do I get my information and perspective. Bottom line; The reasons people SAY they watch, listen and read, may not be the ‘truth’. A companion to Podcast 58, I’ll tell you what I think people have to do to identify the bias in modern media. There’s also a bit of ‘train porn’ in another outside podcast, late at night, in the velvet smooth summer.

Podcast 58

What is the problem with American Politics? Hint; It isn’t ‘gridlock’, ‘income inequality’, the ‘tea party’ or its followers. Is it possible there’s too much democracy in the United States? Politics has become a cartoon, starring this week’s ‘Rodeo Clown’. While optimism isn’t available in abundance these days, it is possible the information revolution will change everything. Fingers crossed. Join me, and the crows, in the back yard of the Broadcast Bunker on a sunny, late summer afternoon.