Why Touch Remedies?

Firstly I am a big fan of yoga, diets for optimal health and more. Secondly it’s no secret we need new remedies for a world without touch. It’s great to use this blog space to tell you about something ancient and yet new. Learn more with New-Remedies-For-World-Without-Touch.

Has Touch Become Taboo?

Above all the pandemic has made touch uncomfortable and awkward. Almost taboo.

No Hand Shaking And Definitely No Hugging!

We’re not supposed to shake hands. Even more, hugging is avoided.

Touch Improves Immune Systems

Certainly this kind of touch is as old and important as humanity itself.

Dawn Bennett Touch Remedies

As part of my effort to investigate new ideas when it comes to health and wellness, I met Dawn Bennett of Touch Remedies.


Bennett is a massage therapist has a multitude of alternative and complimentary health care practice certifications.

Expert Touch Therapist For Tapping

In addition she’s an expert in a touch therapy called ‘tapping’.

Help For Many Conditions Made Worse By Pandemic

Especially relevant these days are conditions tapping can help with. Especially boosting the immune system!

PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, anger and phobias.

Further just the type of conditions that become more acute during lock downs and restrictions.

Tapping Helps With Other Issues Too

Moreover tapping can help with addictions as well as smoking and eating disorders.

Behavior Patterns People Struggle With For Years

And everyone knows, old behavior patterns can dog us for years.

Epidemic Of Loneliness

Most importantly since the lock downs many report struggling with being lonely.

A survey recently found almost half of Americans feel no one really knows them. Read the details here.

Most of us struggle with isolation issues. Especially now.

Connecting With Self and Spirit

Touching safely and appropriately is a way to connect. Watch Dawn Bennett’s talk at a recent networking event for entrepreneurs.

How Does Tapping Work?

In short, tapping uses the side of the hand to lightly tap parts of the body where emotion has settled.

Properly done, tapping shifts the brain and can free people from emotional pain and the bad habits and behaviors it can cause.

Getting Results

Consequently those who have tried Tapping, through Touch Remedies, are pleased and often amazed at the results.

An Ancient Solution Available Through Modern Tech

In conclusion the best part about Dawn Bennett and Touch Remedies is her availability through video conferencing.

Touch Crisis

Finally check out Dawn Bennett’s new book The Touch Crisis, out soon on Amazon. Get on the list to be notified as soon as The Touch Crisis drops on Amazon by clicking here now!

In the Touch Crisis Dawn shares her journey to healing. Even More, the research she’s uncovered and the abundant tools she uses in her work.

What Is True Freedom?

In conclusion we all crave freedom. True freedom is being released from the prison we often build for ourselves.

Visit Touch Remedies online here to learn more. Here’s the Touch Remedies Facebook page. Finally, Dawn Bennett’s Touch Remedies YouTube Channel.