Podcast 166

Podcast consciousness! Walking a tightrope between podcasts that are too political and not political enough. How are podcasts different from broadcast talk radio? What are the advantages and disadvantages for Podcasters and Broadcasters? Feedback from friends and listeners on why they like the ‘update’ style podcasts, plans for future podcasts, why the world isn’t cooperating on ‘happy talk’ and what Bob Davis does when the day-to-day news starts wearing a little thin. So in this update, transhumanism, the folly of ‘Gluten Free’, Lactose Intolerance, technology free summer camps for adults, the UN getting involved in water bill disputes in Detroit, the idiot who robbed a house in South Saint Paul and logged on to his FaceBook account, and left it up when he left the house he’d just robbed,  and one little major story update. Sponsored by X Government Cars